Viceta Wang Loves Using Fashion to Help Women Express Their Uniqueness

Even when she was a little girl, Viceta Wang knew that somehow working in fashion would be her future. “Designing has always been present in my life. Since I was young, I have had a passion for drawing and painting. So I knew fashion would be part of my life,” says Ms Wang.

That passion has culminated in her eponymous brand which is dedicated to creating clothing for women that brings inspiration and freedom to the modern woman. Viceta Wang, the brand, is a bespoke luxury outfit that creates capsule collections which customers can then have fitted to their own requirements.

The concept is one that mixes traditional ideas about bespoke tailoring and personalised services, with the sustainable notions of limited inventory and only producing items on request.

“Our philosophy is to bring inspiration and freedom to the modern woman,” says Ms Wang. “I believe fashion can be a tool to express people’s individuality and I always liked to design my dresses and have this meaningful connection with my clothing.

“Having this feeling of owning something completely bespoke, exclusively made for me, a perfect fit with my measurements combined with the freedom to choose colour, fabrics, and details inspired me to create the brand.

“I thought how great it would be to inspire other women to enjoy and understand their style, allowing them to have this freedom to choose for themselves. I feel proud of creating and designing to inspire other women, but prouder of allowing them to choose for themselves and helping them to embrace their uniqueness,” says Ms Wang.

The brand was launched in 2017, in Melbourne, Australia, after Ms Wang had established a solid career in the fashion industry.

“I graduated in Fashion Design (BA) in China, and I always wanted to explore different perspectives on fashion and decided to study for Fashion Marketing (MSc) in Europe,” Ms Wang explains. “After graduating from college in the UK, I worked for big retailers for a few years, but new opportunities for my family and myself arose in Australia. So we moved to Australia in 2012, and I started designing and producing for high-end Australian brands, and in 2017, I started my own label.

“In 2017, I felt confident enough to pursue my passions and visions, as well as to forge my own path, and I launched my brand in Australia. We’re based in Melbourne, but we ship all around the world and have plans to extend the business to Asia,” she says.

Building the brand has been a labour of passion for Ms Wang, but it hasn’t been a totally smooth ride being a female entrepreneur.

“The hardest part is balancing the female entrepreneur path and being a mother of two kids. Being a female entrepreneur is tough, but I always wanted to build my financial freedom,” she explains.

“I have been busy with the [new] store opening, drawing new collections, running the business, and trying to spend as much time as possible with clients, so the lack of time to spend with my family and balancing business and family life are things that you figure out along the way.

“I also believe that more female entrepreneurs are needed as role models, and I hope that with my passion and drive in pursuing my own dream I would be able to inspire other females who share the same values.”

Despite the ups and downs, Ms Wang loves owning her brand and working with her customers.

“I love many aspects of the brand but I would say that our values are something very important that keep me going; we really work hard to inspire women to embrace their own bodies and to customize the styles that represent their uniqueness,” explains Ms Wang.

“I believe that when choosing bespoke, we look inwards and choose for ourselves; it’s a type of self-confidence and self-awareness, and I feel proud of using fashion as a tool to help women to express their uniqueness.”

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture