AMEN is Sophisticated Androgyny for the Modern Wo(Man)

The AMEN label is subtle, sophisticated androgyny suited for both men and women alike. Clinton Leicester and Nicole Wong, are the formidable duo behind the label, and have listed their influences to include music, movies, art and subcultures. Distilling the essence of rawness and beauty of nature, AMEN has repeatedly hit the correct notes with their tasteful, polished creations.

AMEN was recently stocked at 20byTWO – a fashion event at Red Dot Museum where designers from Malaysia and Singapore banded together for 2 days of fashion and fun. Popspoken managed to get hold of half of AMEN label, Clinton, for a quick chat.


Citing Pete Doherty as a style influence, Popspoken understands how Clinton manages to keep the edginess of the AMEN label relevant to his customers. Elements of Pete Doherty’s grunge, rock-and-roll dandy look are evinced in AMEN’s rapture jacket featured below. AMEN is unique and stands out from the crowd as it does not pander to trends, and maintains its bottom-line appeal of timeless style.

The name of the label, “AMEN”, came about when Clinton sat in church one fine day and it suddenly dawned upon him that the word A-men sounded catchy. It could further double up to mean that people would acquiesce to what the label represents, since “Amen” is an expression of concurrence or assent.

Clinton places much emphasis on the quality of materials used, from shirt buttons right down to the choice of fabric. He hopes that AMEN’s meticulous attention to details will appeal to customers, especially in light of the million and one blog shops that have sprouted and proclaim to proffer stylish wares.


While not implying that the products of blog shops are inferior, it is more about allowing the finer details of the AMEN label to shine through and capture the attention of customers who have a more sophisticated taste. Popspoken loves the bold use of plaid for their suits, and also, the subdued hues, planes, lines and smart use of geometry in the dresses the AMEN label produces. In fact, their signature plaid suit was recently featured on the cover page of URBAN.

The talented duo have side-projects in addition to running the label – Clinton DJs for fun while Nicole blogs about fashion at, and currently does Marketing for Kevin Seah. Aside from clothes, AMEN has a jewellery line “Transmission” that has a edgy, gothic feel to it. The mixture of skulls, bones, silver and spikes would certainly appeal to the punk-rocker and bad-ass in all of us.


The AMEN label is stocked in Singapore, Indonesia, Canada as well as online stores such as,, and


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture