Guji Lorenzana Steers Symphonic Distribution’s Strategic Asian Expansion

Founded in late 2006 by Jorge Brea in Tampa, Florida, Symphonic Distribution has established itself as a leading digital music distribution company, aimed at supporting musicians to distribute to more than 200 platforms worldwide. It facilitates the delivery of music from independent record labels and musicians to major online retailers like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer, Pandora, Amazon and Beatport, and allows them to collect music royalties easily.

Guji plays a pivotal role at Symphonic Distribution, leading the company’s expansion into the Asian market. With two decades of experience in the music industry as both a performer and executive, Guji leverages his deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies to support and advance the growth of artists and labels.

Now, Symphonic is expanding into the Asian market, aiming to build strong business partnerships with local labels, by fostering trust across streaming platforms and industry players. By leveraging their extensive international experience and proven track record, Symphonic seeks to become the top distribution partner in Asia, supporting the growth of independent artists, labels with innovative solutions and personalized client support.

We speak with Guji Lorenzana, whose dual perspective as an artist and executive allows him to empathize with independent artists and provide tailored support to help them succeed in a dynamic industry.

Popspoken: Can you share more about your journey in the music industry and how your previous roles have prepared you for your position at Symphonic Distribution?

Guji: With two decades of diverse experience in the music and entertainment industry, I’ve navigated both the spotlight as a performer and the strategic realm behind the scenes. My journey began as an actor and singer in the Philippines, where I forged strong relationships that laid the foundation for my career.

This blend of onstage and executive expertise has given me a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies, allowing me to merge artistic insight with strategic acumen. These experiences have honed my ability to support and advance the growth of artists and labels, ensuring their success in a dynamic industry. My dual perspective as an artist and executive has been particularly valuable, helping me understand the struggles independent artists face and how I can better serve them.

Popspoken: How do you plan to approach building new business partnerships with Asian companies?

Guji: Symphonic brings a proven track record for success. While Symphonic may be relatively new to the Asian market, our extensive international experience positions us well. Symphonic has achieved significant success in digital distribution globally, including Gold Records in Portugal and Canada, and top 5 rankings in Brazil on platforms like Spotify.

These achievements serve as tangible proof of Symphonics’ capabilities. In addition, Symphonic prioritizes exceptional client support, ensuring that artists, labels, and music are well-cared for. This personalized approach I believe will resonate with many companies in Asia that value strong relationships, hard work, and integrity. Also, Symphonic offers cutting-edge technology and comprehensive services tailored to
empower independent artists and labels.

Our case studies highlight how our solutions add significant value in navigating the complexities of the music industry. But ultimately, I personally want to foster trust and build good partnerships centered in respect and shared goals. I am confident that Symphonic stands behind this. By prioritizing transparency, open communication, and delivering on promises, I aim to establish Symphonic as a trusted partner in the Asian market. With Symphonic, I am eager to collaborate with Asian companies who share our vision and values, and together, strive to achieve mutual growth and success in Asia.

Popspoken: How do you plan to integrate Symphonic’s current artists into your vision for growth in Asia?

Guji: We have an incredible roster of top global artists, both current and alumni, including names like Daddy Yankee, Imogen Heap, and Jon Batiste. As we expand into Asia, I envision potential opportunities for global collaborations and sync placements in international projects, such as films, TV shows, and video games, through our sister brand, Bodega. Our global team is committed to ensuring we seize every opportunity to empower our artists and labels.

Popspoken: What kind of partnerships are you looking to form with local labels, streaming platforms, and other industry players in Asia?

Guji: I’m really excited about exploring all possibilities for partnerships in Asia. What’s great about entering this market is that at Symphonic, we’re focused on creativity and finding solutions that truly work for potential clients, labels, and artists. We’re eager to learn from Asia and contribute to the growth of this market in the most effective way possible.

Asia has a diverse array of streaming platforms, making partnerships and strong relationships crucial. Our goal is to empower our clients with best practices for preparing releases and achieving success on these platforms.

In terms of partnerships with industry players, I’ve always believed in treating the industry like a family. Whether it’s an artist’s label or a partner we’re working with (or not working with), our aim is to empower the independent music scene and its artists. I’m committed to serving the industry and specifically the Asian music market, providing support, answering questions, and being a valuable resource. Ultimately, building these relationships will prove more beneficial in the long run than anything else.

Popspoken: How will you leverage your previous experience with YouTube Music, Ingrooves, and Virgin Music to foster these partnerships?

Guji: I’ve had the unique opportunity to experience many sides of the music industry—as an independent and signed artist, working for a DSP, and as an executive. During each part of my journey, I’ve built important relationships that continue to help me today. These diverse experiences have also equipped me to effectively support the growth of artists and labels, especially understanding the challenges faced by independent artists and how best to assist them. I can honestly say, “I know what you’re going through. I’ve been there.”

Popspoken: How do you stay informed about the latest trends and changes in the music industry, particularly in Asia?

Guji: Music is my passion and my life. I’ve worn many hats in the industry—DJ, performer, artist manager, and more—so I’m constantly intrigued by all its facets.

From discovering new artists to exploring the latest technologies in music production and AI, I immerse myself in it all. This knowledge fuels me. With a genuine love for empowering independent artists, I make it a point to stay informed so I can better serve my clients and be a valuable resource to everyone I work with.

Popspoken: What is your long-term vision for Symphonic Distribution in Asia?

Guji: I want us to be the top distribution partner in Asia. And I think the way there is if we truly understand the market and the artists we support. We must strive to be the best, only because we want the best for everyone we work with.

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