Production Powerhouse Jonas Blue Strikes Gold with ‘Rest Of My Life’

Hard hitter, Jonas Blue, has seen a track record of success for his musicality and ability to craft earworms, with more than 130 platinum certifications globally.

Notable for iconic tracks such as as ‘Fast Car,’ ‘Perfect Strangers,’ ‘Mama,’ and ‘Polaroid’ he is recognized for his ability to come up with captivating music. It does not stop there, his production expertise extends to global smash hits, including Ava Max’s ‘My Head & My Heart.’ With over 20 billion streams and 92 million single sales, Jonas Blue stands as a certified powerhouse in both the DJ and pop music realms, and reintroduces himself to Japan in April as part of a latest tour to drop his latest single. He shares with us more.

Popspoken: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single, “Rest Of My Life,” under your collaborative project Endless Summer with Sam Feldt? How did you meet Sam Feldt and what was it specifically about him that drew you to want to collaborate with him?

Jonas Blue: I have known Sam quite a long time now and we always talked about doing a single together. We had a few ideas for tracks and rather than just do one, we decided on the collaborative project Endless Summer. The new single combines a musical sample from a trance classic called ‘Cafe Del Mar’ by Energy 52, and an amazing song written by Becky Hill and Dan from Bastille.

Together the song and the sample just had a bit of magic to it so we dived in and produced it up, and as soon as we played it out at Ultra Beach Bali last year we just knew we had something special. 

Popspoken: How was the creative process different or similar compared to your previous projects?

Jonas Blue: We were sent the song and we found the sample and the two just worked perfectly, i guess the difference is we’re usually working remotely and sending stuff back and forward online to get to the final product. 

Popspoken: “Rest Of My Life” incorporates a sample of the trance classic “Cafe Del Mar.” What inspired the use of this sample, and how do you think it enhances the overall vibe of the song?

Jonas Blue: Always loved that original Cafe Del Mar track and no one had used it in this way. So it was just a great fit with the song.

Popspoken: Endless Summer is described as bringing together powerhouses of euphoric electronic music. How do you see this project contributing to the genre and what do you hope listeners take away from the music?

Jonas Blue: We are trying to bring our combined positive energy to the audience and like you say leave the listeners with a euphoric feeling!

Popspoken: For our Asian readers, who hope to visit Europe soon, could you share with us from an insider’s perspective places you call yourself a regular at.

Jonas Blue: Cafe Mambo for sunset in Ibiza, Ministry Of Sound in London for a big night out and not forgetting Smokestak in Shoreditch, London for amazing BBQ food.

Don’t miss Jonas Blue live in Japan on 17 and 18 April 2024, tickets are available here.


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