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Popspoken Picks: 6 Hot Music Releases to Check Out 

From a K-Pop princess to one of Singapore’s youngest music producers, there is a track for everyone in this list of latest releases. Take your time to check out all six to find your favourite.

HIT ME UP by Min from Miss A

Super popular Kpop singer Min – formerly from the equally hot girl group Miss A – has just released a brand new single, ‘Hit Me Up’. The KRNB tune is all sorts of sentimental, with a catchy hook and Min’s signature vocals running over a sly hip hop beat. The track was produced and written by Lean On and Xitsuh, but even more fun is the addition of feature artist rapper Jmin from cult label H1ghr Music Records. 

popspoken picks music april 21 MIN

Min’s been performing since she debuted as the leader of girl group Miss A in 2010; the group has now disbanded but were known for a slew of hot kpop hits like ‘Bad Girl Good Girl’, ‘Good-bye Baby’, and ‘Touch’. Min released her debut solo single ‘Onion’ in 2021.


ON MY MIND remixed by Foxela

Singaporean musical prodigy Foxela – he’s still only a teenager – is one of the hottest electronic-pop producers in Asia right now. With releases on a range of labels like Umami Records, Vibes Records and Sola, his best known track is Wait Tonight (Foxela Remix) which landed a feature on Spotify’s Electro Mix playlist.

popspoken picks music april 21 FOXELA

His latest venture is part of the Zendyll Remixed series, a remix of Shaykhandbake & Rangga Jones’ ‘On My Mind’. The smooth R&B track is all about a breakup and its emotions; Foxela’s version moves the melody into what can be described as a “dance-heavy deep house number”.

Listen to the track here.

NIGHT by Oakman

French trio Oakman – Marine on lead vocals and guitar, Geremia on bass and Jesse on drums – is known for its modern pop-rock vibe. The new single, ‘Night’ on Rude Records, was written by Marine who says that the track “reflects on the fleeting moments of life that we tend to take for granted”. 

popspoken picks music april 21 OAKMAN

“This song was written in one day,” says the band. “Marine had just learned that she might have a serious health problem. Without knowing it, Geremia sent an idea for a riff to Marine that day, who was instantly inspired by the mood. It matched so well with what she was feeling at the time that the whole song was written in one go. She was in a very special mental state that day. It was a kind of happy-sad nostalgia of life. Between the reality of losing everything and the people that you love and the strong desire to just live and exist.”


CIRCLES by Myrne

One of Singapore’s top producers and DJs, Myrne has just released a brand new single entitled ‘Circles’, off his next EP that is due in April. A mix of lightness and brashness, ‘Circles’ is apparently all about stagnation. Apparently Myrne spent time meditating about “co-existing with the present” during the arrival of the pandemic, which led to the repetitious rhythms of the track.

popspoken picks music april 21 MYRNE

There is an underlying 90s rave vibe to the track, mashed up with electronic dance music from the 2010s, giving ‘Circles’ the loopy sounds of digital maximalism. “With ‘Circles’, I really wanted to explore repetition and loop-based sampling in a song; I wanted to pay homage to old rave tools while adding a touch of modern-day songwriting,” says Myrne.

Listen to the track: myrne.lnk.to/circles 

INHIBITIONS by Thuy featuring P-Lo

“I wrote the song about letting my guard down with someone special. Even though there may be some people who want to take their shot, they always get turned down because they don’t do it like that special person does.” says Thuy, an up-and-coming R&B singer-songwriter.

popspoken picks music april 21 THUY

The music video for the fun and funky track, which also features rapper P-Lo, is stacked with basketball motifs, something Thuy really wanted: “Since I used a lot of basketball references in the song, I wanted the music video to have a west coast basketball theme to it,” she says. ‘Inhibitions’ is the latest track off Thuy’s upcoming EP entitled ‘i hope u see this (deluxe)’.



Matilde G is back with another of her signature infectious pop anthems. ‘Digging for Diamonds’ follows on from the Singapore-based Italian singer’s previous hits ‘Doorbell’ and ‘Milk n Honey’.

popspoken picks music april 21 MATILDE G

While the rhythms are bouncy, the lyrics touch on a complicated relationship, and the chorus rips up the floor to echo off the ceiling. Lots of fun. 


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