Claptone On Living Fully in the Moment

Masked enigma, Claptone,  is bringing his A-game back to Singapore on 27 April. The highest rated house icon in DJ Mag’s Top 100 poll has scaled the charts consistently and has since collaborated with producers at the top of their game such as George Morel and Riva Starr.

It is not surprising that he has no items on his bucket list. A stalwart in the Ibiza party scene, Claptone is fully centred on his musical beliefs and drowns out everything else that stands in its way.

Popspoken: There’s no light without shadow. How far does music production go towards dealing with your darker side, and what do you do to unlock your full creative potential?

Claptone: I draw on the energy of those that join me on the dance floors on my constant quest around our gorgeous globe. In a sea of thousands of people, it often happens that I somehow meet eye to eye with a stranger in the front row. I try to write music with this beautiful, intimate connection in mind.

Popspoken: Can you share with us three films that inspire you?

Claptone: Grease, James Bond 007 Golden Eye and Peter Pan.

Popspoken: It’s undeniable that your music is cutting-edge and you are lucky to be blessed with raw talent. How do you maintain your introverted image in an electronic music scene that’s fuelled by extroversion – do you feel that you end up missing opportunities because of your introversion?

Claptone: I uncovered the path to my own personal success when I applied myself directly to the music and put everything else on mute. The most incredible opportunities present themselves when you focus on the unadulterated core of your desire. Everything else is background noise.

Popspoken: What is the secret sauce in Berlin’s food that allows it to be a hotbed for innovative music producers and DJs alike?

Claptone: Berlin is simply a city where musicians from all over the world come to follow their dreams and be surrounded by like-minded people. It is precisely those likeminded people that make Berlin special.

Popspoken: What’s on your bucket list?

Claptone: I have learned to live in the moment and appreciate the present.

CÉ LA VI presents Claptone on 27 April 2019 (Saturday), 10.00pm till late. For more details please visit


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture