JB Dunckel Live In Singapore: On New Music, Love For Machines And Growing Up In Versailles

JB Dunckel, one-half of the critically acclaimed electronic duo Air, marks his first solo outing in Singapore at the Esplanade Annexe Studio.

This one-night-only Singapore stopover is part of Dunckel’s Asia tour for his new album H+.

A floaty, cosmic breath of optimistic pop, H+ sees Dunckel combining his electronic roots with his love for science fiction.

Backed by a full band, he performs tracks off H+ as well as familiar selections from Air’s discography.

In light of his upcoming concert here on Singapore shores on Saturday, 2 March, POPSPOKEN interviews JB Dunckel on his new album, his story and what we can expect from his upcoming show.

POPSPOKEN: Hi JB Dunckel! What have you been up to since the new year?

JB Dunckel: I’ve recorded music soundtracks for films and TV Series. I’ve done some music for a Hermes fashion show. I’ve rehearsed the shows and I spent some time walking in Paris, watching the sky and dreaming about the future.

POPSPOKEN: Congratulations on your album release last year. What are you the most proud of H+ for?

JB Dunckel: I don’t think I’m proud of anything. I feel more a sort of internal heat about my music. I’m proud of some people but not of what I do. I feel like in a combat and I can’t stop.

POPSPOKEN: What is one interesting fact about H+ that people may not know of?

JB Dunckel: It’s the first album that I made without considering any influence of Air. It’s an album about our times that are changing so fast and will drive us in another dimension, a more technological dimension.

POPSPOKEN: Most of your songs, including the music videos and album art, explore matters of science fiction. Why is the future of technology an issue close to your heart?

JB Dunckel: I think because I feel that time is so short that I feel constantly jumping into the future. It’s like walking and watching where you put your feet. It’s also curiosity. It’s also because I’m in love with machines in general.

POPSPOKEN: How has growing up in Versailles influenced your creativity as a musician?

JB Dunckel: Versailles is full of historic ghosts. It’s a place that used to rule the world and you feel this gloomy strange power floating around you. Also I had a lot of fun there with all my friends.

POPSPOKEN: What is one common misconception about you?

JB Dunckel: I don’t know what the people think about me so I can’t imagine.

POPSPOKEN: What can we expect from your Singapore show in March at the Esplanade?

JB Dunckel: Not a hip hop show.

POPSPOKEN: Lastly, how would you like to be remembered?

JB Dunckel: I don’t want to be remembered. I want to be forgotten, that’s the peace of the soul. Maybe my music has to stay a little bit longer than me on earth, I’d like that to happen.

JB Dunckel (AIR) Live In Singapore
Esplanade Presents

Mosaic Music Series
Opening act: .gif
2 Mar 2019, Sat, 7.30pm
Esplanade Annexe Studio

2hrs 30mins (including 30min changeover)
Advance $68^*
Door $78
Free standing
*Limited concessions for students, NSFs and seniors: 10%
^Esplanade&Me Specials

Tickets now on sale: https://bit.ly/2GLHoSo

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