Mike Perry Talks Spotify Singapore, ‘Getting Through The Noise’ Of Today’s Music With Sound Identity

In light of Mike Perry‘s one-night only performance at Zouk Singapore this 9 February, we speak with the Swede on coming to Singapore, his love (or hate) for his breakthrough song “The Ocean“, and the issue of a “noise” clutter in the music industry today.

Known for producing infectious and pulsating melodies that are warm with tropical splashes, the Swedish chart-topper is set to hypnotize revelers to sweet surrender with his signature sounds.

The up and coming DJ went the DIY route from the start. A passionate music lover ever since childhood, he went from being an engineer (cobbling a home studio together while he worked servicing car engines in his native Sweden) to becoming one of the year’s most sought-after global hitmakers, with a visceral attitude leading the way.

The Swede’s expertise in production, reinvention and the sound popularising his act is strikingly accurate to the modern mainstream and may very well be the next milestone in his peerless career.

POPSPOKEN: Do you like animals? If so, what’s your spirit animal?

Mike Perry: Haha, well I’d like to consider myself as a Puma or a Tiger, but in reality I’m probably closer to a little puppy. Kind and clumsy!

POPSPOKEN: Name one thing you do as a professional DJ that would surprise other people.

Mike Perry: I travel around the world on a regular basis. But I’m terrified of flying haha! Not a good combo, but totally worth it in the end.


POPSPOKEN: Among the top countries of your listeners on Spotify, Singapore is actually ranked number 4! Have you visited Singapore before, and what are you looking forward to check out here?

Mike Perry: That is truly amazing!!! I’ve noticed that I got a lot of love from Spotify Singapore and the listeners there! No this is going to be the first time for me if you don’t count 1 hour in the airport (which is awesome btw). I’m going to check out the food of course, and then try to see as much as I possible can in my time there, I’m so exited to finally visit Singapore!

POPSPOKEN: Some artists have a love-hate relationship with their breakthrough song. Is this the case for you and “The Ocean”?

Mike Perry: Not yet actually. I have the greatest respect for that track since it has taken me around the world and seems to bring so much joy for people. Couldn’t wish for more!


POPSPOKEN: Any plans for a full-length album?

Mike Perry: No plans at the moment for an album, but who knows what happens in the future!

POPSPOKEN: If you could choose one problem to solve in the music industry, what would it be? How would you go about solving it?

Mike Perry: Tough question. A big problem for artists today, especially new artists is to ”get through the noise” and be heard. There’s so much talent out there! I know Spotify has some playlists like ”future artist” etc. which is good for the newcomers. (You should check these playlists out, you can find amazing music there!)

Another tip or ”solution”, call it what you want, is that new artists need to figure out what’s unique with them and push it as far as they can. I think Identity either in sound or style, preferably both, is the key in today’s music industry. Although I really want to believe that a good track is enough and always win in the end.

POPSPOKEN: How would you want “Mike Perry” to be remembered?

Mike Perry: Wow, never really thought about that, to busy with the present time haha. But let’s give it a shot. I hope people remember me as a hard working producer and a guy that spread a lot of happiness and love to everyone who came to see me perform! Also, it would be cool to be remembered as a nice guy and not a douchebag haha!

Mike Perry Zouk Singapore


Mike Perry is performing at Zouk Singapore on Friday, 9 February 2018.

Cover Photo: Mike Perry by Astor Svensson

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