ZoukOut 2016: A Conversation With Alan Walker

As ZoukOut runs for the 16th year, Norwegian record producer and DJ Alan Walker joins the ranks of the hundreds of acts who have performed at the dance music festival here.

Best known for his 2016 electronic ballad “Faded”, which in March of this year became the world’s most Shazamed song, Walker has since signed with MER Musikk under Sony Music Sweden.

He has also made two new releases this year; “Sing Me To Sleep” features the vocals of Iselin Solheim (of “Faded” fame), while “Alone” is a collaboration with Swedish recording artist Noonie Bao.

Before he plays the ZoukOut 2016 stage on Saturday, Popspoken did a quick chat with the headliner about his dream collaborations, upcoming music, and more.

1) Firstly, congratulations on the massive success of your music! If someone told you two years ago that you would be one of the world’s most famous DJs today, how would you have reacted?

Thank you so much! I would’ve probably be really honoured for their belief in me but I wouldn’t believe it, actually!

2) What are you excited to do in Singapore, and what are you looking forward to the most about playing at ZoukOut 2016?

I am really just excited to meet my amazing fans. It continues to amaze me that I have fans all over the world!

3) Some artists have mixed feelings about their breakthrough song – is that the case with you and “Faded”?

I simply love “Faded”. I was really pleased with the initial version I released, which was entitled “Fade”. But the vocals of [Norwegian singer-songwriter] Iselin Solheim made it magical!

4) Name one DJ you would love to collaborate with.

Maybe K-391, who is one of my inspirations. Tiësto, Kygo, and Armin Van Buuren are also worth mentioning – all of them are amazing artists.

5) What do you hope to achieve next in your music career, can we expect a debut album maybe?

For the time being, I’m only focused on making singles and not planning an album. It might be an idea down the line, but my main focus is to establish myself as an artist.

6) Lastly, how would you like “Alan Walker” to be remembered?

That is a good question! I always try to stay humble and make good music – so I hope I will be remembered for that. A nice, humble person that makes good music.


Alan Walker plays Day 2 (10 December) of the ZoukOut 2016 dance music festival at Sentosa Beach, Singapore.


Cover Photo: Facebook (Alan Walker)
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