Three Singapore Musicians You Don't Want To Miss in 2016

What’s up with the month of September and music videos?

Within the past week, we’ve got visual offerings from the likes of alternative rock veterans Plainsunset, up-and-coming neo-R&B starlet Ffion, electronic producer-singer Jasmine Sokko, former Singapore Idol alumnus Gayle Nerva and emerging grime rapper REQ.

Of course, we’ll be excluding Sam Rui‘s brilliantly shot video for single “Better” (which was released on September 15th, two weeks ago, but still within September nevertheless!). We recommend giving all these music videos a look.

We’ve listed them all down here for your viewing pleasure. Check them out!

Jasmine Sokko – 1057 (September 23)

September seems like a good month for female singers – We’ve got the likes of Sam Rui, Ffion, Gayle Nerva, and of course, the amazing Jasmine Sokko.
Shot on the streets of Haji Lane, Sokko’s new single “1057” sees the singer clad in a medieval chastity facemask and leaving a trail of posters in her wake. 1057 is a genre that is almost impossible to pinpoint – it sounds almost like an amalgamation between tropical house and electronic pop. Have we mentioned that the track is mastered by Monster Cat‘s Hentai Cat/Yllis?

Ffion – With U (26 September)

A relative newcomer to the music scene, Ffion mesmerises completely with her sophomore release “With U”. Ffion’s only other release is “I Got You” a track produced by pop-punk quintet The Summer State‘s Shaykh Akbar. Likewise, we can’t put a finger to the genre – but Ffion’s silky vocals shimmers and sizzles above the minimalistic piano and synth beat, creating an undeniable aura of swagger.

Plainsunset – Pioneer (23 September)

Singapore’s very own veteran alternative rockers are back with a blitzing new single, a song that features lead singer Jon Chan walking in a forest.
Although Pioneer is no secret – the band has been playing it live since last year – the single sets the impetus for their impending fifth and final album, Both Boxer & Benjamin, which will be released later this year. So we guess this song means one step more to saying goodbye?

Gayle Nerva – Echoes (22 September)

Singer-songwriter Gayle Nerva has been pretty silent since her Singapore Idol days for some time now, the last time we’ve seen her in her music endeavour was with electronic pop band I Hate This Place. It comes pretty much as a surprise though, with the singer releasing “Echoes”, a sure-fire banger that brings out the likes of DJ snake, MØ, and Charlie XCX.

REQ – Badman (26 September)

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Malaysian rapper Sonaone, REQ’s aggressive debut single gives hints of greats like Skepta and JME – of course, without nailing down that sick, thick North London accent. An ominous, Jamaican-dancehall influenced track, “Badman” shows the British-born, Singapore-based grime rapper rapping along the Sentosa coastline.
We can’t deny the influence of grime on today’s hip-hop music, with acts like Desiigner, Kanye West and Drake all hopping onto the bandwagon. With grime king Skepta’s  Konnichiwa recently winning the 2016 Mercury Award, 2016 might just be peak year for grime. Who knows, REQ might be able to lead a surge in grime music here?

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture