Mayday Parade's Alex Garcia Talks Warped Tour, "Black Lines" and Singapore This October

Five-piece pop punk band Mayday Parade hailing from Tallahassee, Florida have announced their third show in Singapore this October – and we are getting our hearts (and wallets) prepared.

It has been two years since their last show here, where a snaking queue of loyal fans decked in all sorts of Mayday Parade merchandise packed the concert venue at *SCAPE. The band played many crowd favourites from the iconic albums A Lesson In Romantics and Anywhere But Here, on top of several songs off their 2014 album Monsters in The Closet (yes, we all cried during ‘Hold Onto Me‘).

This time, Mayday Parade is coming back to Singapore armed with yet another new album, Black Linesrevealing heavier anthems while remaining true to their emo pop sound with brutally honest lyrics.

In light of their upcoming concert in Singapore, Popspoken chats with Mayday Parade’s lead guitarist Alex Garcia on how the band is doing, as well as what to expect from their performance this year.

Photo: @mikewilsonphotos
Popspoken: Hi Alex! What has Mayday Parade been up to lately?
Alex Garcia: Right now we all have some off time. We just were in England for a festival called Slam Dunk, which was a ton of fun. In about a two weeks we are gonna start Warped Tour here in the states! That’s going to be a long tour but should be great!

Popspoken: What’s one memorable thing about playing in Singapore? 

Alex Garcia: The fans are always amazing there. I think the fans go a little crazier than they do in the US or anywhere else for that matter. There’s such a great energy in the room which makes for great shows!

Popspoken: How would you summarise the Warped tour experience for fans who haven’t been there?
Alex Garcia: A hot parking lot punk rock all day festival.

Popspoken: Which is your favourite song off “Black Lines”, and why?
Alex Garcia: I’d say Hollow. I think it showcases Mayday Parade really pushing our boundaries.

Popspoken: Why is the Mayday Parade icon of the red umbrella man not on recent album arts anymore?

Alex Garcia: I think it does show that we are growing a little from our previous albums. Although we did incorporate the faceless man in the inner artwork for the album by having the band members faces covered over.

Popspoken: Lastly, what can we expect from your Singapore show this October?
Alex Garcia: You can expect a great pop rock show thats very real and heartfelt. We have progressed so much as a band, so I’m looking forward to our fans seeing that. There’s not a lot of bells and whistles with the band, we will just bring a great all around pop rock show!

Tickets for Mayday Parade Live in Singapore 2016 are available now from $79 at
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