Dark Warrior Rayel Wishes People Will Stop Fighting and Just Dance

A 90s kid, Andrew Rayel is possibly one of the most affable DJs that we’ve interviewed. He bounced into the interview area, and enthusiastically introduced himself to us – chirpy, energetic and looking well-refreshed for his set in Kuala Lumpur. Rayel’s rapid climb of positions in DJ mag, and ensuing success is certainly attributed to the mentorship provided by Armin van Buuren, the god-father of trance. What’s unique about his output in the past few years, is his attempt to combine orchestral music with electronic music, drawing from his classical piano foundations as a child.

Uniting the world through music, is something that he believes in and drives his creations everyday. Rayel in his interview with Sensible Reason voiced his noble view of uniting the world through dance. At TomorrowWorld, he witnessed dance camps from 2 countries at war, having a great time together. If only this could be translated to reality, where people can just stop fighting – and dance. A grand sentiment similarly shared by the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon.

Looking up to Hans Zimmer as an inspiration, Rayel is always open to “try different things, to reveal the dark side of Andrew Rayel”, and wants to “bring people through a journey”. Working closely with Armin van Buuren has been spectacular for him. Their collaborations are always special, what they aim for something is that “characterizes [their] sound, their musical vision, and not just collaborate for the sake of it.” 

Rayel describes his sets as “euphoric and energetic” – which is clearly representative of the man’s dynamism and belief in the power of music. Something that won’t fade anytime soon.

I will still do it. It’s not about age it’s about what you love to do, and the enthusiasm. If I can I’ll still do it for the next 30-40 years. 


Andrew Rayel and Armin van Buuren will be spinning on Day 2 of ZoukOut (12 December 2015).

Image credit: Audrey Lim, Popspoken.

Side note: This interview took place in Kuala Lumpur, in 2014 as part of A State of Trance. This is a belated post.


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