Music that Moves at Kyo

Earlier this year, we saluted Kyo for their lush soundscapes, a sentiment shared by international contemporaries of the electronic music scene. No stranger to Singapore’s alternative music movement, they never stop pushing the envelope for discerning audiophiles. In tune with that, they have brought in stalwarts such as Felix da Housecat, Simon DunmoreMove D and more, to up our culture game.

Come Wednesday, Kyo will be officially kickstarting Modal, a weekly tasteful affair with scintillating house beats. The nights are helmed by resident DJ EJ Missy, and joined by perceptive beatmasters such as Daryl C, Joshua P, Maurice Simon and TrevD who were summoned to join in the fun.

With this, Kyo will be reaffirming itself as a stomping ground for all who are into big beats, with none of that shallow commercial sound flooding their airwaves on Wednesdays. Visionaries in their own regard, Kyo continues to be the choice venue for game changing events such as the ‘conscious clubbing’ party, Morning Gloryville, where revellers ushered in the sunrise sans alcohol.

All our ears are up and ready to see how Kyo will transform our relationship with music on a dreary work day. Because great beats aside, Modal happens to fall on ladies night – so holla – there will be free flow of vodka mixers from 10pm to 1am for lovely lasses.

I don’t know where the name “Kyo” is from, too lazy to look it up, but it means “today” in Japanese for one. I like it. If I like it, you can too. Trust. Where are you gonna play today? Oh no, poor thing, you have work tomorrow? Wgaf. Tomorrow never comes. Let’s go. Kyo.

Location: 133 Cecil Street

For more information, check out their page here.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture