SISTAR Loves Singapore: Why They Can Remember Their Fans?

SISTAR is known for their sexy vibes and come back summer album. With their hit single “Shake It” which shook up the charts consecutively for 6 days in a row after the release and their killer summer album, what’s there not to love about SISTAR?

In the interview we had with SISTAR at the Sketchers press conference on Wednesday (Jul 1). Soyou revealed to us that she was surprised that Singapore fans actually put their photos together when they gave the fan letter, which made it easier for them to remember who it was from and she was more thankful for that and it was memorable. From the overwhelming response and reactions these girls get every single time; it does make it harder to remember every single fan. Well done, Singapore SISTAR fans!

Have you been to Singapore? Is there anything in particular that you girls would like to do and see here?

They came for a fan meeting last year but they didn’t really have time to go around a lot. They actually wanted to try like the food of Singapore and the culture, because there’s a difference in culture, but they always run out of time.

Dasom visited Singapore when she was 10 years of age for vacation and she says that Singapore is one of her favourite countries.

On average how many shoes do you buy a month? And who buys the most amounts of shoes?

Dasom buys really good shoes once in 3 months. Hyolyn gets at most 5 shoes a month. Soyou and Bora gets 7 to 8 pairs of shoes a month.

SISTAR is known very much for your sexy image, so when was the last time the members felt unsexy about themselves?

When they’re not on stage, they feel there unsexy. As they feel very playful just as they are.

Do you have advice for girls that have dreams about becoming a superstar?

Don’t try to be a superstar, just do what you love and you’ll be there. They should always work hard for something you love. Don’t dream of being a superstar, do what you want.

SISTAR recently celebrated their 5th anniversary, so as seniors in the K-pop industry now, what do they miss about their rookie days and how have their lives changed since?

It has been 5 years and they have found their own colours, like what their attractive sides are. They also changed from a young image to mature girls so it’s their image that change the most.

Do you feel burdened to have your summer come backs always so highly anticipated?

As they usually come back during the summer, so they are always pressured to come back with better songs and better content to do better than last year or the last come back.

Additional reporting and photos by Michelle Ng/Popspoken.

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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture