Ellie Goulding is Terrified of Press Conferences

British songstress Ellie Goulding took to Singapore this past weekend for a one night only show at the Star Theatre on June 13th- where she dazzled the crowd with an impressive 21 song set list. Before however, she kindly attended a press conference speaking about a vast array of topics- ranging from her current love life, to her perpetual fear of press conferences.

Interestingly enough, Ellie didn’t shy away from questions about her love life. Typically artists dodge questions about their personal lives (much to the dismay of the nosy public) but surprisingly, Ellie opened up about her current relationship with McFly’s Dougie Poynter. She skirted around the question when asked “Is he the one?“, but went as far to say that she’s “very happy” and that things are “really good“.


Ellie’s definitely not a stranger to Singapore, as she revealed that it was her second show here. Clearly the Singapore fans are doing something right if she keeps coming back for more. When asked about new music, she said she’d been touring so much this year that she “needed a break” and said that while she loves to experiment with new sounds & producers, that she is a “pop artist” at heart. She also hinted at another upcoming collab with Calvin Harris, after saying he was “really fun to work with“.


Ellie shared a hilarious anecdote about her first ever press conference, where she was so terrified she exited the event by crawling out under a table. She’s clearly quite a shy girl, but says that confidence has come more naturally to her with practice & time. Press conferences are still scary to her, though as she posted this picture of the press con on her instagram. She touched briefly on body image issues as well, and said she simply had learnt “not to care” what other people think; and that she makes all of her fashion choices to suit herself, not to impress anyone else.

Concert Set List:

Figure 8
Goodness Gracious
Starry Eyed
Stay Awake
Life Round Here
Gun & Horses (Acoustic)
Beating Heart (Acoustic)
Your Song
The Writer
My Blood
Bad Girls/ Salt Skin
Only You
Every Time You Go/ This Love
Anything Could Happen
I Need Your Love
Lights (Bassnectar)

You My Everything

Picture credits: Amos Wong for Universal Music


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture