Avril Lavigne Rocks Singapore

The self titled “mother fucking princess” Avril Lavigne took to Singapore for a one night only show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 15th of February 2014. Having been here 4 times previously, Avril is no stranger to the hoards of fans that shell out their hard earned cash to see her every time she comes. And boy, does she deliver.


While Avril isn’t really about the choreography or set production, what she truly emits is a passion for her music. Her endless repertoire of #throwbackthursday hit singles kept the fans on their toes throughout the course of the night- whether it was the power pop ballad My Happy Ending or arguably her most famous upbeat song Girlfriend, there was never a dull moment with the Canadian songstress.

Interestingly, Lavigne only played a handful of tunes off of her latest 2013 self titled effort “Avril Lavigne.” Fan favourites like Here’s To Never Growing Up and Rock N Roll really got the crowd connecting with their sassy idol. Perhaps a few more songs off of her most recent album would’ve helped give the show some variety from her previous ones in Singapore.

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It also has to be said that this concert was probably one of the most seamless that we’ve seen in Singapore. Celebrity acts are typically 20 minutes – 1 hour late for their respective performances, but Avril Lavigne appeared on stage only 5 minutes after the scheduled time, and played for just over 90 minutes. Major props to Midas promotions for running such an efficient show.

All in all, it’s definitely what you expect from the reigning queen of punk pop- lots of upbeat and attitude inspired girl power anthems, sprinkled with breakup ballads & a lot of fist pumping and feet stomping in between.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture