When DJ Sander Kleinenberg told us his greatest weakness is being ‘very, very, very lazy‘, we wonder if he was kidding or if he honestly meant it.

Not only is Sander’s name ubiquitous in the DJ area, he owns two record labels, “Little Mountain Recordings” and “This Is Recordings”. Famed for his evocative and artistic music videos, Sander has spun at international festivals such as Creamfields and Exit Festival. Lucky for us, the music maestro’s next appearance is at the Singapore’s Grand Prix 2013 where he will be spinning alongside DJ Seb Fontaine at the Podium Lounge.

Sander Kleinenberg has accomplished tons. Not half bad for a lazy man.

Popspoken: Your songs have interesting titles – T.I.O.N, YDW. etc. So tell us, which acronym best describes you?

Sander Kleinenberg: Funnily enough, I have used these acronyms because of the long titles of the tracks not for commercial reasons, but you are right there is a pattern.  If I had to use an acronym I would use YOLO but I’m not a big fan of acronyms to describe human behaviour.

Popspoken: What are your thoughts of modern artists along the lines of Damien Hirst. Do you think they are scammers or visionaries?

Sander: To decide if someone like Damien Hirst is a scammer or a visionary you need time. Time is the best judge of art. I personally think Damian created a wonderful mirror of our society and makes us in a way look at ourselves and for this I respect him a lot.

Popspoken: What is your greatest weakness?

Sander: I am very, very, very lazy.

Popspoken: What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus at the VMA?

Sander: I do not understand this hype at all, I thought it was a very mediocre performance until Robin Thicke showed up. That’s when it started to get good. Miley Cyrus and her people are laughing though. They are getting all the attention (by the way, I LOVE the writing/production on We Won’t Stop).

Popspoken: What is your hope for the future sound of music?

Sander: I hope we will see more commercial success with a less processed and rawer sound. This way the true identity and emotion of artists will shine through more honestly, but I hear glimmers of hope on the horizon.

The Podium Lounge is but one of many events happening during the F1 weekend. Spoilt for choice? To aid your decision making process, check out a brief overview of the happenings during the F1 weekend here.