So, we gave the NDP management a chance. Barring all the hate towards the One Singapore song for this year’s National Day Parade, we thought that they would change tack but noooooooooooooooo. The song is still there, unadulterated. One of our writers couldn’t stand it anymore. Goh Weets rants below.

This year, Singapore turns 48 years old. Like many others, I have seen the posts on popular social networking site Facebook lambasting the new National Day song One Singapore, often using language too foul to be repeated on family-friendly platforms like our site. I consider it my duty to provide a objective and coherent review to our dear readers.

In case you do want your ears to be violated — you naughty minx –, here is the jivin’ masterpiece that is One Singapore:

The song is clear evidence that our dear nation is going through some sort of mid-life crisis. Like how all these fathers who hit 50 and suddenly start wearing True Religion jeans, ironic T-shirts and saying things like #swag #YOLO – trying to be cool and edgy and all. Didn’t think this has happened to you? IT’S HAPPENING TO ALL OF US (Singaporeans at least). I mean, have you seen the video or heard the song? Let me break this down into bite-sized pieces.

What the video has:

— “woowwwoww whoaaa” parts that will most definitely attract fans of stadium chanting, at the same time latching itself into the brains of the rest of us like an alien parasite

— semi-catchy choir style chorus; very popular nowadays with the patriotic songwriting crowd

— rapping (warning: you might not be edgy or cool enough to appreciate/understand this)

— Stepford Wives-esque groups of people of every variation possible doing their daily activities and smiling way more than they’re supposed to. IT’S NOT NATURAL.

Don’t get me wrong: I am as much a fan of patriotic songs as the next flag-waving, National Day-goodie bag grabbing citizen, but these songs have to touch you in that special place that makes you feel all warm and tingly. This song touches me in a place I do not wish to discuss with the general public. Yes, let’s give it due credit for being chosen as this year’s communal song… but that’s about it. Call me old-fashioned. Someone must know something I don’t.

I mean, whatever happened to songs like Home or Where I Belong? Is Dick Lee retired or something?

Watch the One Singapore video, if you dare:

Photo: YouTube screengrab