Yes, Singapore. Your artistes have been busy hustlin’ and bustlin’ in the studio. In just this week alone, four artistes here have come up with new material. This adds to earlier news that iNCH’s music video for the first single off her sophomore album is out and Monster Cat have announced plans for an upcoming album after a wildly successful campaign on The Pirate Bay.

First, rapper ShiGGa Shay is reppin’ Singapore once again with his signature brand of rhyme. After a spirited run to the top of the iTunes Singapore chart, ShiGGa’s music video for his latest single, LimPeh, has been released to much fanfare. The video hit more than 100,000 views on YouTube within 2 days, according to a Facebook post by the rapper. The song contains sprinkles of colourful Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay amidst largely Hokkien-based lyrics about the trials and tribulations of being Singaporean. Even the recent Hello Kitty craze was mentioned; the song was completed on 28 June with music producer Don Richmond. Needless to say, the video is heartwarmingly crass in the Singapore way we have come to love.

ShiGGa Shay feat. Tosh Rock – “Lim Peh”

Look who’s back: if it isn’t Mark Bonafide! The crooner has been busy hustlin’ for his forthcoming EP LOVE/REBEL, of which the release date is as yet unannounced. Mark’s two singles in 2011, ‘Finally’ featuring Ambrose and ‘URGF’ featuring SleeQ, will be placed under this EP. His latest single features some spitfire courtesy of Kim Olsen and Zahidah, winner of 987FM’s Next Big Thing competition. A mid-tempo banger, ‘Issues’ dismisses the other half because, well, b*tch is cramping up the baller’s style.

Mark Bonafide feat. Kim Olsen & Zahidah – “Issues”

Fresh off his EP release last December, Cacolo, aka Nathan Khoo, is back with a new single featuring the silky smooth vocals of Erica Loh. “Part Of Me” is not so much like your Katy Perry pop anthem, but with a heavy use of synths and Auto-Tune, the song turns out to be quite a delightful trip down the pop-indie route. With some very obvious references to fast-tempo Japanese music, this song could be one to watch as it bubbles under mainstream music.

Cacolo – “Part Of Me”

Monster Cat may be producing an album together, but that is not stopping member Nicholas Chim from continuing to pursue his solo ambitions. On this track, Nick Chim holds places for heartbreak and speaks of the other half he wants to shrug off. The music video is all kinds of epic: contemporary dancer giving his/her(?) all, kid standing while aeroplanes and triangles surround her path etc. It’s all very trippy and artful, but very watchable.

Nicholas Chim – “My Treasure, My Pearl”

Photo: ShiGGa Shay