Here’s the final and third part of our Baybeats Special posts where we feature bands that are part of this years lineup. Some people survived the Fall Out Boy hiatus, but for me, I survived the A Vacant Affair hiatus!

These men are no strangers to the local scene, you could ask any person that listens to local music and they would probably have heard of them. Who are they? Well AVA consists of Matt Lim on vocals, Rudi Osman and Joshua Tan on the guitars and Hafyz Tajuddin on drums.

Stoked would not be right word to describe how excited we are to finally see them play familiar and new post-hardcore tunes! We were lucky enough to catch up with Joshua Tan as he gives us better insights about his thoughts on having an epic comeback at Baybeats this year, how life has influenced most of the bands’ music, what local delicacy best describes the band and more!

Hey AVA! It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve last seen you on stage rocking the crowd. To get us started, how did the band form?

We got together after a series of random event. Call it serendipity, when most of us started from different social circles. Not the brightest of efforts but surely it was simply chemistry. See our Facebook and Wikipedia page for facts and figures.

What made y’all want to play for this year’s Baybeats Festival?

Baybeats is a festival that we have been part of ever since it’s humble beginning. We’re thrilled to be back again to celebrate this event!

What are your thoughts on playing Baybeats Festival?

Hell yeah. It’s one helluva mosh pit when our members are in town. Just wait till you see A Town in Fear in the pit.

Like any other band that has been working hard to successfully break into the local music scene, what obstacles did y’all face during the earlier months/ years?

I believe the obstacles are pretty similar. Probably just different extents of different obstacles that come along the way. At this point it’s definitely time management or life management. With the many commitments a modern Singaporean man faces, it is even more so that time is of the essence.

Which are you band’s greatest music influence?

Blue man group

Where do you get inspiration to compose your songs?

One word with many phases. Life.

If there was one phrase that could define the band, what would it be?

The Adjustment Bureau

If your musical sound was a scent/ flavor, what would it be?

Char Kway Teow

You guys have been on a pretty long hiatus, what have you guys been doing?

We’ve been busy setting the foundations of the present and future.

Can we expect a new album any time soon?

How soon is now? Truth be told that’s pretty unpredictable at the moment. Our timeline has just continually been extended due to unforeseen circumstances in our personal lives. Not to mention we are extremely democratic in our creative process.

Here’s what to expect at their set tomorrow! Well I don’t think this does any justice to the real thing, but be prepared for an intense set you will never forget. (Get stoked for an intense moshing session too!)

Sunday, 30th. 8.30pm, Powerhouse (The Edge) C U @ THE PIT.

Image credit: Dawn Chua (, A Vacant Affair & Google Images