That’s gotta get you excited, no? The fella is back with The 20/20 Experience after a seven-year hiatus with a 10-track album that is every part the JT we have come to fall in love with: groovy melodies, smooth vocals and slick delivery. The album is surprisingly quite unaffected by changes in modern pop, which could prove a tad unnerving for the average radio listener, but its classic touch will endear hardcore JT fans even more — just like how Mariah fans rallied around Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel.

The studio version of Pusher Lover Girl (we have only heard it as live performances so far) delivers with all its inflections and energy, as does songs such as Don’t Hold The Wall and Spaceship Coupe. There are some influences of modern R&B here, with a bass that is not heavy and trudge-like, plus the addition of some electronic effects. However, the album has a very clear purpose: to not be pigeonholed in a particular time or era. In some ways, this could be highly arrogant of JT to try and envision, but we think this effort could fulfil that objective.

With The Roots drummer Questlove promising a second album from JT (thus, making up the 20/20 vision with 10 more songs), we are definitely excited to hear more JT. Will the sequel be more upbeat than this one? We hope so: 20 mid-tempo songs may be a tad too staid for us but of course, knowing JT’s premise for the unusual, we are definitely not looking to hear some Flo Rida-like inspiration here.

Listen to The 20/20 Experience below: