Greyson Chance took to the sunny shores of Singapore for a two day promotional whirlwind visit for his latest EP “Truth Be Told: Part 1.”  Greyson was incredibly sweet and he talked extensively about his brand new album, what he thinks of the Singapore fan base, local cuisine, and growing up. Watch the video for the full roundtable interview with Greyson, check out just how articulate and entertaining he is for yourself!

Something interesting Greyson talked about were the advantages and disadvantages of becoming famous through social media. It was interesting that he acknowledged and had been frustrated with being called “the YouTube kid” and he chatted to us about how he overcame these boundaries, and how his musicality and songwriting has helped him express these feelings from thought into music.

Greyson performed a small and intimate acoustic set for the MTV showcase “Sessions” warmly hosted by Resorts World Sentosa, MTV, and F&N. After seeing Greyson perform back on his first visit to Singapore, it was truly remarkable to see how the young boy had grown. When he first embarked upon a trip to Singapore, his set was hesitantly performed and he seemed slightly shy and withdrawn. His confidence has really blossomed since then, as he talked fluently and carelessly to the throngs of adoring fans at the recording. Greyson even had to change up the arrangements for fan favorites like “Unfriend You” and “Waiting Outside The Lines” as his voice had grown too low for them.

The folks over at MTV were extremely hospitable, and F&N supplied free cold drinks to everyone at the event after the showcase was over. There were some seriously crazy fans at the event, with some even chucking their underwear on stage at Greyson during his performance! Greyson took it all in stride, nothing fazed the brazen young artist. He’s truly come very far, with the younger Greyson being left in the shadow of this new found character with immense bravado.

This new acoustic sound and direction Greyson is heading towards is extremely interesting. Though not particularly commercial, he’s fulfilling his artistic desires and following his heart which is something he is to be commended for. Some of the highlights off of the album are “Leila”, “Sunshine and City Lights” and “Take My Heart.” Catch the MTV Sessions episode featuring Greyson Chance live all over MTV SEA on December 1st at 6pm in Singapore/Hong Kong/Malaysia/Philippines. This is something you definitely can’t miss!

Photos: Courtesy of MTV Asia