Hello everyone, it’s the weekend! While we were trying to get through the work/school/bumming-around week, we’ve been listening to a bunch of good songs this week, both old and new. Here’s our weekend playlist with some interesting drops this week.

Yay, a new drop from P!nk, whose next album The Truth About Love comes out September 18th! She’s become the go-to for devil-may-care lyrics and throw-your-f*cks-in-the-air melodies. At times, we just have no words. Just listen, put on full blast and jump.

You’ve really gotta hand it to The Wanted. Chasing The Sun reached #1 on the Billboard 100 singles chart and they do Ice Age 4 to reach out to a younger demographic? Cute. In fact, it’s actually much cuter to see them dancing next to CGI characters and fake ice than try to do all that adult stuff — yawn. What next, an appearance on iCarly?

Take it from us: Lana Del Rey may be the most annoying hipster girl around because so unapologetic about it. Or maybe she has strong Lizzy Grant flashbacks at night, sepia-toned with in-built Instagram filters. However, National Anthem is such an easy listen that you cannot help but hum along at the chorus. She ditches the pouting of videos before for a cleaner melody and a black husband. Seeing her gettin’ down and dirty is pure gold. 7 minutes of this though is pretty unwarranted, so cut to chase next time, will ya?

Besides the fact that Nelly Furtado acutally put the lyric video to good use by featuring an inspiring story in it, Spirit Indestructible is one of those songs that is virtually unlistenable until you see the visual treatment. It’s as kooky as Run This World (Girls) until Beyonce shook her tassel shoulder pads in the music video. Let’s hope Furtado doesn’t jump with the Oompa-Loompas in sub-Saharan Africa in the MV. And oh yeah, Spencer West is da bomb.

Arguably one of the hottest properties in the Singapore music scene today, ShiGGa Shay is this close to releasing his debut EP, The Call Me ShiGGa, and drops one more single from his record. Break Me may have the boy-trying-to-break-the-game plotline that we saw in Let’s Roll, but this has that coming-of-age sound that belongs to those on the precipice of something greater. Muzique’s choral hook is the dealbreaker here, with a wicked spin that will be stuck in your head for a while. The real gangsta moment comes at 3:19 when his posse sings along and throws their hands in the air in a streak of rebellious humblebrag. ShiGGa Shay has arrived.

Ex-Danity Kane member Shannon Bex is about to release her independent EP, but not without someone bringing up her past in a song request. To those that followed DK in their heydays (yes, me included), we only got to really know them through Damaged before Diddy caused rifts in the group. This acoustic version is so soft and restrained that it almost redeems her and the rest of the group from the onscreen dramatics. That is, until you watch Making The Band 3 again. For now though, Shannon has our seal of approval.

What do you get when you mix the message of Lady Gaga with the musical stylings of Zee Avi? This xylophone-ukulele song from Shimona which is the campaign song for an anti-bullying campaign happening on July 15 at The Cathay. Just so you know, there’s stuff out there to do than just sitting at home and watching videos.

This is a cheat entry, but we just had to put this in just because you can’t deny that this happens in real life.

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