“Is that them? Oh my God I think it is!” Our photographer Ryhan practically squealed at the sight of the trio approaching us. Indeed, decked in flannel, high tops and shades (indoors I might add), the boys from Quick Quick Danger (QQD) stood out from the crowd like true rock stars.

Despite their intimidating aura, the band came across as an affable bunch; firmly shaking hands with each and every one of us while exchanging pleasantries.

  QQD has enjoyed a whirlwind 2010. From having their Youtube cover videos go viral with over 200,000 views, performing on national television (One Moment of Glory), having an EP Launch at *Scape, to receiving some major airplay on local radio stations with their singles “Love Electric” and “She’s A Natural”, this  cool quartet has enjoyed a fairly successful debut year.

  The electro-pop outfit have certainly caught our attention, and was previously featured here after the release of their most recent Youtube cover, their take on Britney Spears’ Hold It Against Me. (Mrs. Ravenous adores this cover just so you know) In spite of that, 2011 has been a quiet year for them so far.

  Popspoken recently sat down with the band to discuss all things dangerous. From current updates, their views on the local music scene right now to confessions on the band’s wardrobe. Marc Lian (vocalist), Kyle Zhang (bass), Nate Xu (drums) and yes, Fred Ji (who joined us later) pulled back no punches. Candid and honest, here’s our exclusive interview with QQD, up close and personal!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for coming down to meet us! The Popspoken crew totally digs your music. First of all, tell us what your music influences are.

Marc: I think we’ve grown a lot ‘cause we started with rock music and moved on to pop. We were from that pop-punk era, with bands like All Time Low and such. We evolved a lot and turned into a school of pop music, like the Billboard Top 100 stuff. We really like those kinda songs ‘cause I guess we have music tastes similar to a 14-year-old girl (chuckles) So we incorporate that style of music into our own sound and feel that it works well for us.

How about your style and dress influences?

Kyle: Justin Bieber! (chuckles) Okay, just kidding!
Marc: I think our style is more American. We love Flannel man! And High-tops. I wouldn’t wear any other kind of shoes.

Does anybody help you when it comes to your band wardrobe?

Marc: Nobody helps us with anything! Nobody helps us with our music or recordings either. It’s not because we want to be so proud as to say “Oh look, we did it all by ourselves”. It’s actually because we really have no choice. Being a local or indie band, nobody really helps you. You’ll always have to go all out and do everything by yourselves. Generally as a band, we do decide on a certain colour scheme. I was supposed to wear black today but I guess I didn’t get the memo! (laughs)

So who’s the shy one in the group? And who’s the foodie?

Kyle: (points to Nate) He’s a shy guy!
Nate: (looking innocent and smiling)
Marc: We all love food! We love dining at nice places. For me, one special thing is that since I’ve been with these guys, I’ve seen a different side to Chinese food.
Kyle: Because three of us come from China!
Marc: Yeah! Because I’m a Chinese so I know and love Chinese food like Chicken Rice. But there’s a whole other side to Chinese food – the authentic Chinese food. Places like Geylang have got some real good barbecued pork.
Kyle: Don’t forget Chinatown.

Before coming together with Marc to form Quick Quick Danger, the three of you (Fred, Kyle and Nate) actually played together. Can you tell us more about your background involving the three of you?

Fred: Nate and I used to play together initially. Then Kyle joined us a bassist and we started doing some Paramore and Boys Like Girls kinda stuff.
Kyle: Actually, we met through the Internet! Because only very few students from China who come to Singapore, play the bass. So yeah, somehow we finally met and influenced each other.

You guys do some really awesome covers like Britney’s Hold It Against Me. How do you decide what songs to cover?

Marc: I think when we cover songs, we try to cover relevant, new or up-on-the-horizon songs. We ride on that wave so when the song becomes famous, we’ll fly along with it. That was pretty much what happened with Jay Sean’s Down.  The song wasn’t even on the charts when we covered it but we predicted that it’d go big. Plus, we figured that it’d make a really nice rock song!

What was your initial purpose of putting up that song?

Marc: We definitely saw how social networking sites like Youtube had such huge potential of drawing fans in, be it local or international ones. So we utilised such sites like Facebook, Myspace and Youtube to let people hear our music.

Do you guys have a certain fancy towards Britney Spears?

Kyle: We really like the songs off Britney’s Femme Fatale album. Also because Dr. Luke is its executive producer and we’re fans of him.
Marc: I do love Britney Spears!  I’m a 90’s kid so I used to listen to Backstreet Boys and Britney. I’m not afraid to say that! All of us (the band) listen to boybands and pop music in fact. Like what Kyle said, the producers for Britney’s album were great and so was the album.

We think that Quick Quick Danger is really unique because it’s sort of a trend for local bands to play Hardcore or heavy music. You guys really stand out.

Kyle: Actually, it’s also because we can’t scream or do any screamo stuff! (laughs)

Tell us what inspired you to write the song “Love Electric”?

Marc: Oh, it was kinda  inspired by the TV show called Bones. If you watch it, you’ll know how the relationship between the two main leads (Brennan and Booth) are over the six years. They know that they’re meant for one another but somehow it doesn’t work out. Although they are well-aware of their feelings for each other, they are being held back by certain things like contrasting personalities and such. “Love Electric” touches on these type of relationships.

Do you guys maintain friendship with other local bands?

Marc: Oh yup! One of the bands we’ve gotten to know and respect is a hardcore band called Avalanche. We love hardcore music as well actually. We really like what they’re doing, especially locally. They’re growing and doing some really nice stuff. Their music is really out there and they’ve got it down.
Kyle: I think those guys are very hardworking (and talented). Just like us. (laughs) 

Any bands or artistes you’d like to work with in the near future?

Fred: Definitely Cash Cash!
Marc: We really love that band so it’d be nice to work with them. To be more specific, we’d love to work with producers. For example, Dr. Luke, who worked on Katy Perry’s California Gurls and Kesha’s Tik Tok which were both big summer hits. He knows how to write some really nice quirks, the kind which you’d want to bob your head to.

Future plans guys?

Marc: We’re actually working on new songs right now! We’re going to have a new release by end of 2011 together with a few videos attached. Just a couple of new songs with a different sound and they’re probably going to be played on the radio. They sound a little different than what we normally do but we’re all pretty excited.


With  a band name created using an Internet Name Generator, QQD has come a long way in both their music and friendship. Despite being a relatively young and new band, QQD has made some electric waves across Singapore. They have emerged as one of Singapore’s greatest musical hopes.

When asked what keeps them going, the band automatically replies “People like you guys!”
That’s your cue to say “Awwww!”

This just goes to show how the local music scene can only flourish with the help and support of fellow fans like us. We do truly believe that this hot and eccentric band will go much further, all because they deserve it. Despite three of the members originating from China, communication and teamwork have never been major issues while working together.

We at Popspoken are certainly looking forward to their new material  by the end of this year! We’ll be the first to bring you exclusive QQD news, hot off the press.

Credits to Ryhan, the sweetest photographer ever.

Check out QQD’s Myspace page and remember to “Like” their Facebook page! Also check out their awesome dubstep remix of Britney’s Till The World Ends!

Their music is available for download on ITunes as well.

Here’s an original song by them called “Still Not Over You”. Enjoy!