Unless you guys have been living under a rock, you’ll know that Maroon 5 came down to our shores *cue the squeals and gasps* this past month. For one sizzling night, the Adam Levine-fronted band (yes he is an adjective now) whipped the crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium into a mass frenzy of swooning girls and love-struck couples.

    Since the debut of 2004’s Grammy-award winning Songs About Jane, Maroon 5 have been scorching the airwaves with their instantly recognizable brand of funk rock. Hits like “She Will Be Loved” and “Sunday Morning” shot them to worldwide fame and lead singer Adam Levine into a man whore, oops we mean sex icon.

  While Adam’s high-pitched whining/singing and love life kept the tabloids busy, the band (which consists of four other equally-talented musicians I might add) followed up their success with the release of two highly acclaimed albums, cementing their status as one of the decade’s best bands.

  However, we at POPSPOKEN have come to realize, especially after the release of their latest album Hands All Over, that the Los Angeles quintet seem to write lyrics revolving only around love and relationships. Whether it’s their lack of songwriting ability or life experiences, we’ll probably never figure out.

  In fact, we believe Adam & Co. are so adapt at writing about matters of the heart, that we think they’ve actually composed enough songs to describe every single type of relationship out there. Whether its overly cheesy, deeply romantic or just plain violent (ouch!), it seems that Maroon 5 have got it all covered.

So, as a blow-off to our Maroon 5 hangover, we have come up with a list of Maroon 5 songs that characterizes every kind of relationship you can think of! Don’t believe us? Read on…

The S &M Relationship:

 Misery (from Hands All Over, 2010)


Are you surprised? The lyrics talk of intense conflict in an extremely unhealthy relationship. Sometimes these cuts are so much deeper then they seem/ you’d rather cover up I’d rather let them bleed”. If this doesn’t show that a couple is going through some rough, violent…erm “arguments”, I don’t know what will. Need further proof? Check out the Joseph Kahn-directed music video.

  As Adam explains to MTV News, “The cool thing is, when Joseph wrote the treatment after reading a few sentences, I thought it was really amazing,” he said. “Because it kind of turns the whole idea of the sexual energy between two people – a guy and a girl, a music video, you’ve seen that a million times – that exists in this video, but it’s turning it on its ass and having the girl be the more domineering one who’s trying to kill me.”  Nuff said; the man likes it rough. 

 The On & Off Relationship:

 Won’t Go Home Without You (from It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, 2007)


“The noises that she made kept me awake”. Uh ok, anyway the song narrates the tale of a man trying to win back the heart of a lady whose heart he lost to. This is further emphasised in the music video as Adam runs around town like a lost puppy trying to get back a woman whom he fought with in the beginning, as he decides that he “won’t go home without” her. But alas, he is ultimately too late as she has now set her sights on a real man at last. (Poor Adam don’t worry, you’ll have other girls to hit on in future music videos)

  While we accept that such relationships are normal, we suggest people do not take the lyrics too literally, or we will be seeing the rise of homeless people in Singapore real soon.

The Runaway Relationship:

 Must Get Out (from Songs About Jane, 2002)


  Are you the kind of couple that feels the need to escape the reality of life? Would you much prefer to lie in each other’s arms, without a care in the world? Well, other than being completely irresponsible human beings, this song will also appeal to you.

  “I’m lifting you up I’m letting you down/ I’m dancing till dawn I’m fooling around”. As redundant as that is, there are actually instances of couples that engage in such mindless activities. For shame people, for shame.

  We sure hope that Adam did not by any means convey the true message of this song to the capacity crowd at the Indoor Stadium. Singapore as it is has to rely on its population to be hardworking and we certainly do not want our workforce slacking. And no, just because you are Maroon 5 fans, you are not justified to skip work and run away with your significant other. Thank you very much.

The Highly Melodramatic Relationship:

 Never Gonna Leave This Bed (from Hands All Over, 2010)


You jump I jump, right? Adam must be a big fan of Titanic. Either that or he just has a flair for the melodramatic. That seems to be the basis for the pandering lyrics of this song. “Wake you up in the middle of the night to say/ I will never walk away again/ I’m never gonna leave this bed”. Mass rolling of eyes ensues.

I’m pretty sure Mrs Ravenous would layeth’ the smackdown on me if I ever dare disturb her beauty sleep in the middle of the night to say that. But hey, the song speaks to a multitude of couples that want their relationship to play out like a romance novel. And with its overly cheesy proclamations of “Take it/ Take it all/ Take all that I have”, it’s not entirely surprising that it would strike a chord.

And if that is not enough, Adam has even taken it upon itself to include his model girlfriend Anne V once again in a music video for this single. Shot in downtown Los Angeles, the video features the couple snuggling on; yep you guessed it, a bed. The bed settings are erected in various crowded locales around the city, showcasing Adam in all his exhibitionistic glory. In Singapore we would consider that a public nuisance.

The Relationship That’s Ending:

 This Love (from Songs About Jane, 2002)


“This song was written in the most emotionally trying time of my life,” revealed Adam to MTV News back in 2004. The lyrics of This Love are based on his break-up with a former girlfriend. As Mr Schuster from Glee once remarked, “The best songs are inspired by pain.” The remedy for such heartbreak is clearly to channel all that pent-up emotion into writing your band’s most famous song. And for that, good on you Mr Levine!

“This love has taken its toll on me/ She said goodbye too many times before”. It is that inevitable moment when jaded couples realise their relationship has reached its apex. It’s all downhill, henceforth.

But with such a sweet melody and an irresistible beat to the song, it makes breaking up or getting dumped kind of sexy. Case in point? Suggestive lines of “I tried my best to feed her appetite” and “Sinking my fingertips into every inch of you”.


There you have it. Proof that Maroon 5’s primary songwriter, Adam Levine, has what it takes to be the next Dr. Phil, love doctor to medicate our aching hearts.

All Levine-bashing aside, we are truly glad for his self-indulgent song writing. It does to an extent, help to voice out unspoken words and feelings we experience from being in relationships which us lesser mortals may not be so capable at enunciating. Mrs Ravenous and I are, in fact, huge fans of the band (though it may be hard to believe from what you’ve read so far, I’m sure).

So as long as the band continues to dish out the good music, bring on the done-to-death lyrics on relationships, I say! And if you have suggestions for other Maroon 5 songs that succinctly describe a certain type of relationship, well do tell. We’d love to hear from you!

P.S. Stay tuned for our Maroon 5 concert review! mrandmrsravenous out!