Quick Quick Danger; Remember the name. We here at POPSPOKEN are always on the lookout for fresh new talent heating up our local music scene. And with their unique blend of electro-pop, this talented quartet is certainly on our radar.

Their YouTube cover of Britney Spears’ Hold It Against Me has already garnered almost 4,000 views despite barely being a week old. Its highly polished sound is impressive to say the least, with great editing and a production value that I dare say, is better than the music videos being aired on local television. (This is in NO WAY a knock against Sylvia Ratonel)

In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that their rendition of the song is on par with other famous YouTube cover artistes such as Boyce Avenue and KurtHugoSchneider. Blasphemy, you say? Well, they certainly have the potential. Before the mudslinging begins, let’s take an in-depth look at the band that may just be Singapore’s next big thing. (That’s right Eletrico, buh-bye)

Quick Quick Danger (QQD) first gained the attention of netizens when their cover of Jay Sean’s hit single “Down went viral after receiving up to 200,000 views on YouTube. It even led to the approval of the singer himself, who featured the band’s version of the song on his homepage.

 “It was a huge surprise. We couldn’t contain our excitement afterwards,” vocalist, Marc Lian admits.

The personal compliment won the band free publicity within the first few months of their inception.

 Formed in 2009, the group met on an online music forum where they discovered a shared interest in musical tastes. With the onslaught of hardcore, indie and alternative acts flooding the scene, the boys felt they had what it takes to break out from the current trend. Hence, with the aid of an Internet name generator, Quick Quick Danger was born.

“We wanted something spunky, that would roll off the tongue in a sense,” Marc explains. He feels the name characterises the pop intentions and philosophy of the band. Another standout attribute of the band is their desire to independently craft a quality record without the assistance of external producers and songwriters. The result is their recent self-released debut EP, Love Electric.

Love Electric

They certainly made waves with the record. Appearing on national television with their performance during the OMG grand finals, Quick Quick Danger also began to receive major airplay on local radio station 91.3FM in late 2010. Debut single “Love Electric” even managed to crack the Hot 30 charts. Listeners were smitten by its insanely catchy melody and lyrics, with their sound drawing comparisons to Big Time Rush and The Ready Set. Most were even more enamoured when they found out that it was from a local band. Not bad, not bad at all.

2011 has so far been a quiet year for QQD, but it seems that they are yet again ready to make a splash. It is our sincere hope that the band produces more of such cover videos to truly showcase their talents and musical capabilities. We are really excited to see what’s next. Quick Quick Danger; Remember the name.

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Written by: MrandMrsRavenous