Embark on a Flavourful Odyssey with Heineken’s Maltiverse

Step into a world where boundaries blur, and senses are tantalized at the Maltiverse. On 9 May, the media were treated to an exclusive preview of this groundbreaking experience, offering a multidimensional journey into the realms of food, art and music, all brought to life by the unparalleled quality of Heineken® Pure Malt. The sensory journey continued with a mesmerizing live performances by Bottlesmoker and Bongomann, where the lifecycle of Pure Malt was transformed into rhythmic beats and melodies. Attendees were transported into a mystical exploration, as the sounds of Pure Malt seamlessly integrated into the energetic beats, creating an immersive musical experience unlike any other.

At the heart of the Maltiverse lies the Chef’s Table, a culinary adventure curated by Proper Concept’s Stefan Kam, renowned for his expertise honed in Michelin-starred restaurants and is available to the public from 10 – 19 May. Guests will get to indulge in a one-of-a-kind Pure Malt menu, featuring four meticulously crafted dishes elevated by the essence of Pure Malt.

Expect an explosion of flavours with the “Malt Sphere”, an edible zesty concoction; the “Maltiverse Donut” a doughnut doused with malted beer, “Infinity Duck Malt” a slow-cooked duck offering topped with succulent vegetables and end your experience with the “5D Malt Gelato”, a luxurious offering mixed with salted caramel, for that added punch. 

Art aficionados were captivated by the interactive installations by Metamo Industries, inviting guests to explore and interact with refreshing worlds using their Pure Malt avatars. Each installation corresponded to a different variant of Heineken® – Original, Silver, and 0.0 – offering a unique perspective on the essence of Pure Malt through the lens of art.

For those eager to master the art of pouring the perfect pint, draught masters were on hand to impart their expertise. Guests learned the nuances of pouring Heineken® to seal in the flavor for that refreshing first sip, participating in the Star Pour challenge to earn a coveted spot on the leaderboard and exclusive Heineken® prizes. As they departed, guests brought along with them memories of an unforgettable journey through the Maltiverse, where unexpected dimensions of flavor, artistry, and harmony converged in perfect unison.

Get your tickets priced at SGD 28 nett from now till 19 May before they get snapped up. The Maltiverse is located at 97 Duxton Road, behind the green door. Remember to tag @heinekensg #Maltiverse when sharing your experience.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture