Top 10 TikTok Personalities in Singapore: The Quirky, the Comical and the Creative

Creating an account on TikTok is as simple as starting your journey on any social media platform; a couple of clicks and a quirky handle will deliver an avalanche of short-form videos right to your screen.

Creating videos that arrest the attention of the masses, however, takes an exceptional personality with a keen sense of wit and humour. Virality is now a household unit of measurement for universal success, and these local creators are all too familiar with the game.

Here are some of our favourite TikTok creators in Singapore.


Indeed, being ‘delulu’ can sometimes be the ‘solulu’. Online bestie Syafiqa’s (@syapls) vast reach attests to such, illuminating the dullest of days with her consistent stream of entertaining content.

Chances are, you’ve probably seen her on your screen – it is not hard to miss Sya’s vibrant hoodie nor her signature fixation with her favourite Pokemon character. Decked out in her unmistakable gear, she comes bearing gifts of laughter on the FYP in the form of light-hearted skits and hilariously executed running gags in which she takes on the role of a stereotypically absentminded woman who previously married into her wealth, known colloquially as a Tai-Tai, adapt to life after her unsavoury divorce, or when she responds to audience-submitted queries beseeching her expertise on whether various fictional characters fall under the ‘Halal’ or ‘Tak Halal’ category. And of course, we mustn’t forget, her positively non-delusional, unquestionably legitimate matrimony to Genshin Impact protagonist Neuvillette. Seriously, don’t get her started.


If the art of illusion and sleight of hand trickery falls under your scope of interest, keep an eye on Jeremy (@jeremytanmagic) before he – wait, where did he go?

Full-time illusionist Jeremy Tan always has a card or two up his sleeves. Even during his stint as a waiter in his pre-polytechnic days, Jeremy kept his customers entertained with simple magic tricks. Today, he is @jeremytanmagic, an established magician and online personality. His TikTok is chockful of remarkable cardistry, all performed with a sophisticated hand and a lighthearted sense of humour. Curious minds need not fret, certain tricks are explained by the magician himself, so viewers can try their hands at the craft from the comfort of their own home.



a song abt the mixed emotions one feels when ordering caifan…💔 Ep 3 of The Ann & Ben Show is out now – 🔗 in bio! @benjaminkheng #fyp #caifan

♬ 这个那个 (The Caifan Song) – The Ann & Ben Show & Annette Lee

Annette Lee (@annetteandafish) needs little in the way of introduction. The filmmaker-cum-singer-songwriter found herself amongst the big fishes of the TikTok pond with her viral hit, “The Caifan Song”, originally released as a music video for the musical comedy series “The Ann and Ben Show”. Alongside The Sam Willows’ Benjamin Kheng, Annette laments the adversities that come with ordering a plate of mixed rice under the intense stare of the hawker stall Auntie or Uncle – an issue that every Singaporean can relate to. The song resonated within the hearts of many, prompting followers across the nation to record and post their renditions of the track.

In a similar vein, Annette’s portrayals of various characters bearing familiar Asian stereotypes never fail to win the crowd over.


Replying to @Annette Lee so i put together more contradictory mother logic – enjoy the confusion yall… 🔥👁️👄👁️💧

♬ original sound – Annette Lee – Annette Lee



I like to think that bags have no gender #bags #luxurybags #handbags

♬ Hey Daddy Jungkook – ᴊᴋ

Comedic abilities aside, Darshen K (@kdarshen) is a man of extraordinary fashion sense with outfits that appear to have been snatched right out of the pages of Vogue. Between his videos on handbag picks and effortlessly chic #OOTD snaps, his very TikTok account proves that the humid Singapore weather is no excuse to neglect your sense of style. 

Big dreams lay before Darshen in his path as a fashionista – some that include attending glamorous runway shows during future Fashion Weeks and stamping his name on a collaboration with couture brands. Until then, the local creator finds delight in expressing himself creatively on TikTok through the colours and silhouettes of designer vestiture. He reveals that Filipino actress Heart Evangelista sits atop his shrine of inspiration in terms of style and content, gushing enthusiastically about his admiration. “I would love to be like her one day. I’ve had the chance to meet her and she was so kind! I feel that her personality is as nice as her style.”

This emphasis on the importance of a pleasant personality corresponds with the online persona that Darshen broadcasts on his social platforms, where beyond flaunting his Sunday best, the gravity of caring for one’s mental health is candidly discussed. “I think it’s a cathartic form of release because it also reminds people that I have emotions and feelings. Sometimes, people are so quick to say nasty things but they fail to remember that words do hurt and affect my mental health, so I think it’s really important to be open about it, which also raises awareness at the same time.”



lmk when you done making excuses la hor

♬ original sound – glennice – glennice

There is nothing more important than slathering on a good layer of sunscreen before starting your day, and it seems that beauty influencer Glennice Tong (@g1ennice) cannot stress the golden rule of skincare enough. 

Learning about skincare can be an overwhelming task for the uninitiated but seeking advice from a reliable beauty vlogger is an excellent place to begin. Glennice offers honest takes on scores of cosmetic and personal care products across the shelves, dishing out valuable insight into products that she has tried firsthand and recommendations for various skin concerns. In her series “Skincare for Newbies”, she breaks down the basics to aid beginners in their search for a well-rounded regime that’s both friendly on the skin and wallet.



Glimmers. A faint or wavering light. Or, in this context, small moments of peace and joy. This year, I’m grateful to have experienced moments of glimmers. This year was slightly different because it was my first time having an alopecia relapse openly. While I tried to be as transparent as I could, there were also days when I’d constantly doubt myself. I remember crying on the way home after shooting the Bukit Merah episode for $8ventures. Because I didn’t know if it was wise for me to continue hosting. I was afraid that others would not accept me or, worse, ridicule my company for choosing a bald host. On top of that, there were also several factors that made me feel like I was not qualified to be a host. But just as I was about to give up, glimmers. My bald appearance didn’t affect the series at all. In fact, people encouraged me. Glimmers. Every interaction I have had, be it in person or in the comments, the “你要加油” from a youth while we were waiting to cross the road to the “Just wanted to let you know, I follow your story, keep it up” from an aunty as she’s about to exit the train are all glimmers to me. Together with all the hugs and fit bumps I have received on the streets. It’s truly a privilege. When my colleagues surprised me with a customised bucket hat, it further solidified the fact that my appearance does not and will not define me. They see Adel for Adel, and I couldn’t be more lucky to have found such a supportive and safe working environment. Glimmers. While I spent most of my private and alone time trying to get by, these glimmers made up enough light to see through some of my darkest days. For that, I am eternally grateful to have found a strong community of friends online. I am just a 27yo lady who’s trying her best. Literally. I may not know what 2024 may bring, but I will continue to do my best. Be it trying or learning, I will strive to be a glimmer for others. Just like what you guys are to me. From my silly videos to my long captions, thank you for taking the time to encourage me and, as always, for journeying with me. Here’s to embracing 2024 together 🌻 Love always, Adel 🍋 #YearOnTikTok #alopecia #mentalhealthawareness

♬ original sound – lime 🍋 – lime 🍋

According to Adeline Tay (@adelimey), there is a sense of liberty when you stop taking the comments of others to heart.

Adeline began her journey on TikTok three years ago, using the platform as a means to document her experience living with alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. The 27-year-old content creator decided to take things in her stride and hasn’t looked back since, dedicating her patience to explaining and promoting the destigmatisation of her condition to the masses. 

Despite her diagnosis, the former Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps volunteer is always looking to spread positivity in her community. Adeline has taken part in various panels on mental health and community service initiatives, beyond her motivational self-reflection on TikTok.


Some may recognise Nicole as the parade-goer who proclaimed her gratitude for the HDB Build-To-Order queue number that was bestowed upon her on live television during the National Day broadcast in 2022 but on TikTok, she is @lielnicole, full-time internet funny girl and part-time auntie-whisperer. With a sturdy follower base of almost 200K fans, Nicole unleashes her truest, most authentic Singaporean self in every TikTok she uploads, down to the trademark Gen Z Chinglish blend when participating in a Mandarin conversation. In one of her most popular segments, “Ask Singaporean Aunties”, the outspoken influencer engages older folks in a bid to attain wet market smarts, occasionally receiving juicy nuggets of gossip from unsuspecting elders.


Showcasing snippets of earnest writing set to mellow background strumming, Joie’s (@joiebaoz) TikTok page is as dreamy as you’d imagine her songs to look like. This is where she beckons her listeners in on a slice of her life – the account overflows with dainty vlogs, cute outfits and, naturally, a healthy dose of acoustic Taylor Swift covers.

Joie has also received an appreciable amount of recognition for several of her original tracks. Titles like the wistful “Just A Little Bit” and sophisticated jazz-pop duet “Shouldn’t Have To Run”, which features singer-songwriter Gentle Bones, have been used by hundreds of users on TikTok to set the atmosphere for their videos.



Duck Confit A dish that takes at least two days to make from scratch but it is one that you can keep in your fridge for months when stored in fat. Ingredients Duck Cure Duck Legs 4pcs Coarse Sea Salt 1/4 Cup Pepper 1 Tsp Rosemary 2 Sprig Thyme 2 Sprig Lemon Peel 1 Pc Confit Mix Duck Fat enough to cover duck legs (can be substituted with olive oil) Garlic 1 Bulb Thyme 1 Sprig Rosemary 1 Sprig Black Pepper 1 Tbs Carrot Puree Carrot 150g Butter 3 Tbs Water enough to cover carrot To taste Duck Confit 1. Blend cure mix in hand blender 2. Cure duck legs in cure mix overnight 3. Wash the cure away and pat legs dry 4. Submerge duck legs in fat and all other ingredients, cook at 110 deg.c for 4 hours 5. If storing, keep duck legs submerged in fat in an airtight box in the fridge 6. To serve, broil duck legs at 265deg.c (or max oven temp) until skin is crispy and golden brown Carrot Puree 1. Sweat carrot in butter until translucent 2. Add water and simmer until carrot is soft and breaks apart to touch 3. Blend in blender until smooth puree forms 4. Season with salt to taste #sgfoodie #easyrecipe #christmas2023 #ducksoftiktok #duck #confit #sgfoodie #sgfood #dinnerideas

♬ QKThr – Aphex Twin

There is not much online that entices as effectively as a well-filmed video of delectable fare. 

For that reason, it should come as no surprise to find The Pantry Boy (@thepantryboy) among the top local creators. Daren, the culinary star of the show, serves up beginner-friendly recipes for the eyes and tastebuds to feast on, like the innovative Beef and Egg Onigiri or the Duck, Apricot Prosecco Sauce & Potatoes. Perfect for last-minute dinner inspiration on days the kitchen calls.


Keeping his finger on the pulse of Singapore’s street-style scene, Sky, the videographer behind the Orchard Road Fashion (@orchardroadfashion) account spends his weekends with his lens set on the bustling stretch of road in front of the H&M building along Grange Road. For the next few hours, Sky is locked in and ready to capture the most striking attires to strut the street, eventually leaving with up to 25 picks to add to his glam archive. Many consider a feature on Orchard Road Fashion to be high praise and would go to lengths to bag his attention; Sky recounts instances where individuals would cross the street repeatedly to be noticed.

Orchard Road Fashion spotlights a largely untapped dimension in the realm of local arts and culture. At the core of these candidly filmed videos is authenticity – his subjects are not models that have been professionally suited up by stylists to walk the runway, but rather, ordinary folks expressing themselves through a creative outlet. 


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture