Bite Sized Beef: 10 Dining Options To Reshape How We Eat Post-Lockdown

These last few months have left everyone in a limbo, searching for avenues to express themselves. Some found it in the experimental process of cooking, others in the simple pleasure of eating.

No matter which side you are on, our selection for this month’s restaurants and offerings cater to a wide range of tastes. We introduce you to our best finds in fresh bread and dim sum feasts, while also planning ahead for Father’s Day and Dumpling Festival. Even as we move on from the lockdown phase to seek out scrumptious eats, remember to stay safe and be socially responsible.

Baker & Cook

What goes around, becomes as round as Baker & Cook’s highly anticipated Sourdough Bagel series, freshly baked three ways: Plain, Onion Sesame Seed, and 7 Grains & Seeds. Although it is of the most versatile bases for sandwich creations, the typical option found in Singapore—outside of specialised bakeries—tend to be frozen as there still is not much of a bagel culture here. These hearty bagel creations offer a satisfying experience without compromising on the quality. The Onion Sesame Seed is savoury and chewy, making a great companion to more subtle toppings like cream cheese or smashed avocado. Otherwise, the 7 Grains & Seeds is a more wholesome alternative, the crunchy texture adding a surprise twist to breakfast experiments for home chefs.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available at selected Cold Storage & Market Place by Jasons outlets

Blue Jasmine

The lockdown has produced a new cohort of home chefs, but one of the hardest cuisines to nail down is arguably Thai. The combination of spices and high wok heat only appear deceiving simple; so, this Father’s Day, it is best left to the master-chefs at Blue Jasmine who have prepared a fuss-free set for $50 nett. Ideal for four to share, the set features hand-rolled Thai Rice Spring Rolls with Prawns, fluffy Cha Om Fried Egg, Half Roast Esarn Chicken, Thai Yellow Curry Shrimps, Stir-Fried Vegetables, Blue Jasmine Rice and a new addition to the menu: the Thai Tako Dessert enhanced with an addition of pumpkin.

The dishes from the set are packed full of complex flavours, with the highlight easily being the Thai Yellow Curry Shrimps. The prawns become the bed for a generous layer of golden gravy that demands recurring spoonfuls of rice. The fresh springrolls are the perfect snack to whet the appetite, or if you are craving for other snacks, there are also options that can be topped up, like the Signature Crab Cake and Devil Wings. The dessert, while absolutely fragrant and smooth, can be a little temperamental depending on the travel time. As a treat, the restaurant will also throw in a bottle of beer, either Tiger Crystal or Heineken Zero, to kickstart the celebrations!

When? Now till 21 June
Available for both takeaway at Blue Jasmine and delivery islandwide


Branding gurus, Goodstuph have joined forces with The Refinery and Elite Bar Solutions to ensure our livers are well-oiled this season. Finding opportunity during uncertain times and following the saying “never let a good crisis go to waste”, they bring to us cocktails inspired by local obsessions, such as Cheng Teng, Bubble Tea (Mao Cha), Sang Nila Utama (Sangrila Utama) and more, laced with alcoholic spirits and a dose of whimsical good fun. Aside from oodles of alcoholic joy, they also paired local flavours such as mala with popcorn, and curry with mayo, perfect for dipping your McNuggets in.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available online

Swee Choon

We have spent too many days (or rather, nights) at Swee Choon for dim sum done right, but what about making it the star of Father’s Day celebrations? Collaborating with Michelin-starred Restaurant Nouri, they have launched a specially curated set, which includes three exclusive dishes: Bao with sweetcorn, jalapeno chutney and Manjim up black truffles; Har gao with Nouri’s Tahitian vanilla black pepper sauce; and extra crispy Mee Suah Kueh with a chili and sweet potato mayo. Fans of the well-loved establishment will recognise the signatures lurking under the luxurious touches, such the uber chewy golden noodle cakes. While this partnership might come as a surprise, Ivan Brehm, Chef-owner of Restaurant Nouri, says, “Deliciousness does not discriminate between fine dining and street food. That’s the spirit of this dim sum set.”

If you prefer something more extensive, Swee Choon’s Top 10 Heavenly Dim Sum Family Value Set is an excellent choice for brunch or high tea parties. From a selection of their fried dishes, like carrot cake, mee suah, and prawn rolls, to steamed delights like custard lava buns and xiao long baos (XLB), the wide selection of small bites will definitely touch your heart.

Swee Choon x Nouri Father’s Day Set
When? 19 to 21 June

Swee Choon Top 10 Heavenly Dim Sum Family Value Set
When? Now till otherwise specified
Available for both takeaway at Swee Choon and delivery islandwide


Located at East Coast Road, Kota88 may be inconspicuous in appearance, but their Chinese-Indonesian offerings pack a punch. Through the liberal use of Indonesian herbs and spices, they serve a full-bodied experience of the hybrid cuisine, with signatures that range from rice platters to grilled skewers. Their expertise in babi (pork) shines through their Sate Babi, which features juicy meat, innards, and even skin bathed in a delightful sweet soy sauce. Well-marinated and prepared, the meats hit all the marks: juicy, savoury, melt-in-the-mouth without being overwhelmingly fatty. The Nasi Campur Babi is our go-to for quick meals: ultra-fragrant chicken rice surrounded by small bites of roast pork, siewmai, ngo hiang, braised pig ear and egg, and their signature skewer.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available for both takeaway at Kota88 and delivery islandwide

Din Tai Fung

There is something immensely comforting about Din Tai Fung’s egg fried rice and XLB, and while we are not going to be masters of those dishes anytime soon, the restaurant has come up with a few alternatives. The new Tianjin Cabbage & Pork Dumplings is part of the Ready-to-Cook Selection, and it is perfect for home preparation. The instructions are delivered through a QR code on the box to ensure a mistake-free process. Made with fragrant crisp Tianjin cabbage and premium minced pork, the dumpling’s chewy skin houses a flavoursome broth that binds everything together once under the steamer. The taste is perfectly balanced with a dash of vinegar, making it a great mid-day treat.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available for takeaway at selected Din Tai Fung outlets

Paradise Group

Call us old-fashioned but we tend to stick to classic Teochew flavours for our rice dumplings because the mixture of salted egg yolk, soft mung bean, and braised meat cannot go wrong. Paradise Group delivers a little extra this year by introducing a few delectable dumpling creations. New from the basket, the Teochew Style Braised Specialties Dumpling features a savoury medley of braised duck, pork belly, braised tau po with all the usual suspects. Returning from last year, the luxurious Black Truffle Five Grain Dumpling mixes three types of rice (black, five-grain, and glutinous) to house roasted pork belly and black truffle. Equally luxurious is the Premium Abalone Dumpling, twice as big as the others as within it sleeps a whole ten-head abalone.

When? Now till 25 June
Available for takeaway at Paradise Teochew, Beauty in The Pot, Canton Paradise, Paradise Dynasty and Paradise Classic outlets and delivery islandwide

Seriously Keto

Get extra cheesy with your celebrations as Seriously Keto presents what was previously thought impossible: zero-sugar, low-carb, and gluten-free cheese treats. Have a bite of everything in the Say Cheeese Bundle, featuring Cheese Churros, Triple Cheese Puffs, and a slice of SK New York Cheesecake. The creations, saved for the cake, are slight spicy with the addition of Cajun pepper, the heat cutting through the cream in an interesting manner. If you have a sweet tooth and no amount of cake is enough for you, the cheesecake is made with the highest quality of heavy cream and cream cheese, together with Swerve. These are a great alternative to desserts for those who might be exploring a carb, gluten, or sugar-free diet or even those with diabetic conditions.

When? Now till end of June
Available for both takeaway at Seriously Keto and delivery islandwide

Hook Coffee

A good cup of coffee should not be at the expense of the environment. Popular with local connoisseurs, Hook Coffee has come up with biodegradable Nespresso-compatible pods to match their excellent range of Arabica coffee beans. Those who prepare their coffee with Nespresso machines will understand how the pods tend to pile up for caffeine-lovers as it is never clear what to do with the pods after the brewing process. Hook Coffee’s solution of using biodegradable and compostable material ensures that it breaks down naturally. It is already the first capsule on the market to be awarded the certifications “OK Compost” and “OK Biobased” by TÜV. Currently, the pods are available in Bird of Paradise, with a dark chocolate profile; Choco Loco, slightly sweeter with caramel notes; and Sweet Bundchen, highly reminiscent of Kinder Bueno with the addition of milk to its hazelnut base.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available online at their website or at all NTUC Finest outlets


Glitter Shots_PBJ_Crouching Tiger_2.jpg

Retro favourite, Nineteen 80 is bringing us a series of I-MISS-YOU alcohol deliveries in two-serve packs that are guaranteed to get you up and going. Signature drinks include Love Shack, with a mix of guava, fresh lime, elder flower and Cointreau, as well as a mix of glittery shots in Peanut Butter & Jelly for that sweet, saccharine finish.

When? Now till otherwise specified
Available online


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