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Stop Ordering Unicorn Frappuccinos Or “Secret Menu” Blended Cheesecakes: Starbucks Singapore Barista

A new Unicorn Frappuccino drink at coffee chain Starbucks has caused backlash from the chain’s baristas over the brand’s oft-rumoured “secret recipe” menu going a little bit too far. The drink – a medley of sour and sweet syrups – is the latest in drinks not found on the normal menu that have caused many to jump on the bandwagon for a shot at Insta-fame.

One Starbucks barista from a branch in Singapore has agreed to speak to Popspoken on condition of anonymity. Her response to the frappuccino saga is published below. 


We first heard about the Unicorn Frappuccino about a week ago, when customers came up to the counters and showed us screenshots of it on their phone.

This was our first time hearing about the Unicorn Frappuccino and knowing that it was probably another ‘in’ trend much like the Butterbeer Frappuccino, we looked it up on social media and — true enough — it was actually a limited-time-only frappuccino only available in the United States and Mexico.

As seasoned baristas, knowing that it is not and will not be offered in Singapore any time soon, we apologised and told them that it is not possible to recreate a local version of it for them.

Such unusual requests are not new to us because there are always ‘secret menu frappuccino’ recipes going around social media and while we always try to do our best to give the customers what they request for, it is really not possible for the drink to be replicated in Singapore due to the lack of suitable ingredients or substitutes.

Sometimes, customers order ‘secret recipe’ drinks that require us to blend in a whole cheesecake in it and we’ve also received requests from customers who wanted us to blend in every syrup and ingredient available into their frappuccinos.

While such recipes allow people to be creative and customise their drinks according to their preferences, we feel that there are just some things that are not meant to be put together in a drink.

Most of the existing drinks on the menu take a lot of time to be created with the right amount and types of ingredients and as baristas who take pride in the quality of the beverages we serve, sometimes we find it sad that people would want to order drinks that do not taste right just for an Instagram-worthy shot.


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