Down The Rabbit Stash With Chef Matthew's New Spring Menu

Perched atop Wangz Hotel, Rabbit Stash exudes a whimsical, pastoral charm with its grass-carpeted al fresco seatings and rabbit statues adorning its interiors. Chef Matthew’s new spring menu is a journey in itself – a seven course meal inspired by different aspects his life experiences.

The meal was a fun ride, with surprises at every corner – delightful, unexpected revelations, ingredients and courses. The menu looks distinctively contemporary European, with understated elements of molecular gastronomy (no gimmicks here). Local flavors are playfully integrated into several of the courses, and artistry shines through in the plating and execution, pleasing not just the palette but also the eyes.

The first course, Soil was a palette of flavors and textures: smoked anchovy, San Marzano sorbet, dehydrated kale, cucumber pearls and egg yolk drops. It was all at once crispy and soft, warm and cold, rich but bright and an absolute delight in spite of carnivorous tendencies.


The Ocean (or sea) informs the second course, with a Spanish carabineros prawn and grilled bamboo clam, served with a lobster cracker and other adornments all sourced from the ocean. This course made me feel like I was Ariel hanging out under the sea – expect that I was munching on my delicious, delicious friends.


Course no. 3 was, despite being christened Piquancy, was somewhat muted. Tender Norwegian trout and a delicately fried zucchini blossom accompanied by melon steak, cucumber yogurt, a lime sauce and mussel tartare, the latter of which was the only bit with any significant zing. 


Born of the chef’s rock climbing experiences, the fourth course Impression is a first born egg, purple crab, ratte potato and cuttlefish risotto served alongside a kueh pie tie cup. Broken up, the yolk turns into a rich sauce that ties all the separate elements together, with the crispy pie tie shell acting as a foil and vessel for the very umami mixture. A centerpiece of dry ice and water accompanies this course to give it a volcano-like theatrical flourish, exciting stuff.

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Heritage is course no. 5, it is roasted quail, coconut-infused couscous, pineapple caviar and sambal-flavored ice cream. The nasi lemak inspired course was at once familiar yet exciting, with the sambal ice cream being the definite star of the show. Spicy, creamy and just a little funky, the ice cream blurred the lines between sweet and savory.


This was followed by Exotic, featuring both milk-fed veal and kangaroo meats, both meltingly tender and very moreish. This was served with a bacon ice cream, butternut squash puree and black trumpet mushroom sauce.


Dessert was epicurean-theater. Taking table-side spectacles like Crêpe Suzette to the next level, an edible painting was done right in front of our eyes by the chef, with a giant platter consisting of plenty of local flavors like pandan balls and teh halia ice cream. The performance ended with a “chocolate bomb” dropped onto the platter, which explodeed into a shower of sweets.


This was an invited tasting

The Spring menu is S$168++ per person and is available from March to June 2016

Reservations for Rabbit Stash can be made here.


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