Love is No Picnic But Valentine's Day with Sunrise Bistro's Picnic in a Basket Is

Landing at 6 in the morning, after 13 hours up in the air 9 out of which I was awake for, there was very little that could lure me out of the comforts of my cosy bed. Of course, it goes without saying that food is one of these things. One of my flight entertainment choices was a food film starring Bradley Cooper, a chef after his third Michelin star. The mouthwatering cinematography spurred a short lived fantasy of opening up my own restaurant and also got me really excited for my sneak peak of Sunrise Bistro & Bar’s Valentine’s Picnic in a Basket.

Needless to say, it was worth getting out of bed for.

This is one for the love birds and the food lovers. What better way to spend Valentine’s day than sharing a gourmet food experience with your significant other in your place of choice? Be it al fresco, or even in the comforts of your own home, Sunrise Bistro & Bar has just the perfect thing for a hassle-free, romantic Valentine’s. The picnic basket offers a full three course gastronomic experience along with a rose, waterproof mat, thermal bag, acrylic plates and cutlery, and a battery-operated candle: everything to render the special day unforgettable.

All the courses in the menu, put together by Chef Vincent Teng, are conveniently served on skewers. The love story starts off with the colourful array of appetiser canapés: a vibrant Prawn Cocktail with mango, cucumber, cherry tomato, and a cocktail sauce. The fresh seafood taste of the blanched prawn is married with the sweet tang of the mango and the tomato. The Mini Mozzarella Balls with Cherry Tomato and Fresh Basil is next – a sort of deconstructed, compact caprese, a classic Italian appetiser. Another Italian-influenced delight is the Prosciutto Ham & Compressed Watermelon, a fresh twist on the traditional parma and melon combo.

The main meat and vegetable skewers will steal your heart from the very first bite. Chef Teng uses the sous-vide cooking method where the food is sealed in airtight plastic bags and then placed in a water bath at an accurately regulated temperature. He explains that using this method before a final grill ensures that the food is cooked evenly as well as sealing in the nutrients and flavour. Keeping the travel time in mind, Chef Teng also makes sure the pieces are large enough to stay juicy.

The skewer spread is incredibly diverse, with the Grilled Hokkaido Scallop wrapped with Bacon and the Grilled Salmon with Herb Spice certain to assuage seafood lovers, and the Mini Wagyu Beef Burger and the Chicken Yakitori with Smoked Paprika Powder for the carnivores. Rounding off with the Corn on the Cob and the Green Zucchini and King Mushroom, making it a deliciously healthy and well-balanced meal. Particularly delicious was the intensely flavoured salmon which was perfectly seared on the outside and melted off the skewer. Also deserving a mention is the the tender chicken Yakitori with its addictive sweet sauce and the corn which fell off the cob with such ease, bursting sweetness with a hint of salted butter.

Topping the romantic escapade off with a little sweetness is the Mini Salted Egg Yolk Custard Cream Puff which is the perfect size to pop into your mouth, or your lover’s! The salty yolk fuses perfectly with the sweet custard and is reminiscent of the much loved Liu Sha Baos.

The Picnic in a Basket is available from 11 to 14 February 2016 at S$140, and you can also spice up the evening with a half bottle of red or white wine at an additional S$22. All orders need to be made three days in advance and the collection is between 5pm to 6pm at Sunrise. Picnicking has never been this effortlessly sophisticated but for those who prefer a traditional dine-in experience, Sunrise Bistro & Bar also offers a similar menu at S$98 per couple, with a half bottle of red or white wine at an additional S$22.

This was an invited tasting.


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