Carnivore Appetite Could Possibly Whet Your Appetite

As self-proclaimed ‘foodies’, we’ve generally grown to have more specific needs when it comes to the places we dine at. Sometimes the spread at a place doesn’t whet our appetite, it doesn’t open at the right hours, or worse – it just doesn’t live up to its price range.

Personally, if I want a place to chill out with friends without worrying about what they can or cannot eat, what their budget is like, and how late we can stay there, there aren’t many we can choose from. When I met Cheah from Mulberry telling me about this new concept that Carnivore had come up with, I shamelessly invited myself to the launch event.

Let’s put this in perspective: we all know of the Carnivore Brazilian Churrascaria line of restaurants around our country. It’s a buffet-style dining concept, where you get a salad bar and a wide selection of premium meats that chefs will bring to your table, ask if you want a serving, and carve them directly onto your plate. We also know that this kind of service has its own price tag.

Enter Carnivore Appetite. Just opened at the start of this month, I say that these guys have managed to secure a place in the more sought-after category of dining… as well as my heart. I’m not pretending to like it just because, so I’ll lay down some points below and you can see if it tickles your fancy.

1. It’s like Carnivore, but cheaper.

if you’re not keen on going all out with your wallet just for a gathering or weekday meal, the prices might be an attractive point. It includes over 90 different kinds of items, including various items in the salad bar, seafood such as oysters, fresh prawns, Brazilian slipper lobster and even flower crabs, charcoal grilled, grilled, cold cut and stewed meats and an array of desserts – sounds like a hotel-standard buffet to me! They even have a Power Lunch price for those who don’t want to go all out in the meats department, and would prefer just the salads, soups and breads.


2. They let you chill out till midnight

This makes Carnivore Appetite different from the usual Carnivore: it has an Appetite Bar where you can order your food a la carte, especially if you don’t have the appetite for a buffet at that moment. Relax with some snacks and drinks, and if you haven’t tried Brazil’s national drink Caipirinha, you Have to.

The appetite bar is open from 4pm till midnight.


3. Neither ‘atas’ nor ‘lup sup’

The thing about buffet places we have here is that they’re either too up-market, or you’ll end up wondering if you have to make many trips to the toilet after gorging on food that’s been left out for a long time. Rarely do we get something in the middle – Carnivore Appetite’s taken on a more ‘celebrate atmosphere, mirroring the Brazillian culture where food and music have always played a big part in the lives of the Brazilians.’ In short, I believe it simply means: ‘here you can lepak a bit more, no need so atas one.’

It won’t cater to everyone, but if you’ve been looking for a place to just relax and hang out with good food and some drinks, you could try this place out. I’m a sucker for industrial decor, and these guys managed to pull it off pretty well. For me I’d prefer the price range to be a little bit lower (don’t we always), but it would be very worth it if you went in with an empty stomach and the Singaporean ‘kiasu’ mindset.

Confirm can one.

Carnivore Appetite is at The Dining Edition area of Marina Square Shopping Mall, #02-102/102A.
Open every day, from 11am till midnight.

Power Lunch
11am – 12pm

Buffet Lunch
12pm – 3pm (last order 2.30pm)
$19.90++ (Mon-Fri), $24.90++ (Sat, Sun, PH), 12 years & below $12.90++

Buffet Dinner
6pm – 11pm (last order 10.30pm)
$29.90++ (Mon-Thur), $34.90++ (Fri – Sun, Eve of PH and PH), 12 years & below $15.90++


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