Here are 5 LGBTQ stories from all parts of Asia by GagaOOlala’s “Asian Queer Shorts”. Prepare your Kleenex.


Cambodia: Two Girls Against the Rain (2012)

Even the terrifying Khmer Rouge could not stop them from loving each other. The story of two brave Cambodian lesbians that met each other during very difficult times. However, they overcame all adversities and now, together, they write down their beautiful loving story.


South Korea: Coming Full Circle (2015)

How does it feel like when you go back to a country you barely know? Pauline Park was born in a poor family in post-war Korea but was soon adopted by an American couple and lived most of her life in Wisconsin. After 54 years, she decides to rediscover her roots and her own past. This film records Pauline’s journey back to Korea as an LGBT activist and, also, a transgender woman. She seizes this chance to address the pride parade in Seoul and meet with local LGBT groups, filling her journey home with meaning and purpose.


Indonesia: The Fox Exploits the Tiger’s Might (2015)

In a small military town in Indonesia two extremely different teen boys come together. On the one side, David is the son of a high-ranking officer, on the other, Aseng is from an ethnic minority, selling tobacco for a living. Together they explore their own sexuality, and the relationship between sex and power.


The Philippines: Geography Lessons (2014)

Tib Apostol takes the map made by his best friend and embarks on a journey to his hometown. During his trip, he recalls the precious moments he lived together with his best friend and, also, those valuable parts they missed out.

South Korea: The Spring in My Life (2015)

A man wanders outside a photography shop and, finally, decides to get in. He approaches the counter and says to the owner that he wants to take photos… It turns out they are old acquaintances. Later, we see the man returning home to his daughter. His relationship with his wife, who usually works until late, is very deteriorated. He cannot help but recall those good old days, when he was young and he had a secret affair with certain shop owner…

This post was written by GagaOOLala.


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