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Baey Yam Keng Responds: Younger Generation More Open-Minded On LGBT Matters And "Alternative Lifestyles"

Parliament member Baey Yam Keng has responded to an article Popspoken exclusively reported on his remarks about LGBT acceptance in Singapore at a recent school seminar.

On his Facebook page Tuesday night, Baey said that what defines social issues is a mindset towards accepting differences, and notes that the younger generation are more accepting of “alternative lifestyles” such as LGBT matters – a phrase that has drawn criticism for suggesting there is a choice and way of life attached to one’s sexuality.

“I am sure that my children’s generation will be more accepting of alternative lifestyles, just like my generation is more liberal-minded compared to my parents,” he said.

This contrasts with older members of society who Baey feels are “ill-equipped” to discuss matters of a sexual nature, even if it is part of a mainstream lifestyle.

This was in reply to an earlier comment by Baey that homosexuality changes with age and having children, a comment he made to a question about parents having to explain a same-sex kiss that was banned in the Singapore staging of play Les Miserables.

Facebook user Jessica Seah believes the conundrum is easy to solve, in a reply to Pink Dot SG’s post on the matter.

“Just tell them “they like each other romantically”. What is so difficult about that?” she said, to which user Weeteck Yeoh added that explaining the kiss “(will) be just the same (as) explaining a heterosexual kiss”.

Baey added in his explanation that the government will either decide on policies based on public interest or a judgment call towards a desired outcome for Singapore.

“Policies can steer the public to a certain aspiration / desired outcome, or policies can be made based on what the society at large is comfortable is,” he said.

To this, he reiterated that the consensus of the majority, who Baey feels is largely silent on the matter, must be heard in order for the government to make their stance on the matter.

Facebook user Joe Goh replied on Pink Dot’s post about the Popspoken article that LGBT rights have become even more real as a parent, in agreement with Baey’s belief that views on homosexuality change by being a parent.

“Before, LGBT rights was merely an intellectual concept that I defend somewhat in the abstract for friends. Now with a child, I’m defending the rights of my child, if he turns out to be GBT,” he said.

Photo: Facebook/Baey Yam Keng
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