Remembering Lee Kuan Yew: #OverheardAtTheQueue

The personal, heartfelt accounts of grief and gratitude for Singapore founding father Mr Lee Kuan Yew were expressed by Singaporeans all over social media in recent days.

As some of Popspoken’s curators braved the sweltering heat and long waiting times in the queue, here is what we overheard from those in The Queue (that is our official title for the queue) as they pay their respects to the man who gave us a first-world nation that is the envy of the world.


Take… you must take! Queue for 3 hours will get hungry, you know!

– A concerned volunteer giving out buns to visitors entering The Queue at Hong Lim Park


Wah, I tell you ah. Finding a man like him is going to be very hard.

– A woman in her 50s speaking of Mr Lee


STOP taking selfies, lah!

– A man in his 20s, when he noticed there was a huge gap in The Queue

Chocolate bun, who wants chocolate bun? Nobody says NO to chocolate… Last one left, someone take this from me before I embarrass myself further… (a man in a public takes the bread) Thank you, sir!

– A cheerful volunteer giving out chocolate buns to those in The Queue at 2.00am, Thursday

Wah, Ho Ching is a very strong woman, ah. She asked her son to pick up the flowers this morning when they were moving the flowers.

– A woman in her 60s referring to a rare parenting moment seen at Parliament House just after Lee Kuan Yew’s casket entered, when a flower dropped from his picture frame

Marina Barrage is his brainchild, is it?

– A woman in her 50s

Uncle, you need to turn off your phone, ah…

– A SAF personnel to a man in his 40s when approaching Mr Lee’s coffin at Parliament House. Photography inside the Parliament House is not allowed.



(Should I salute, then bow or should I bow, then salute?

You need to hold (your bow before) you salute, ah.)

– Conversation between a SAF personnel donned in his green camo uniform and his friend



Did you hear anything that made you chuckle or reflect? Drop us a comment below!

(Contributed by Isabelle Chan)


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