It’s not like we hate ah lians or blogshop girls who are ah lians. It’s just that we’d rather not have them, you know, FRONT A COMMERCIAL FOR GOD’S SAKE.

Subway Singapore, being the awesome folks that they are, have employed the services of a “Rose Wah Chin Swee” to promote their new Turkey & Ham $5 combo for the month of August. We are not sure if “Rose Wah” was conjured as a tongue-in-cheek shot at the ah lians of our time or did the ad agency really not have any other talents for the job save for some XMM (xiaomeimei) who walked into the audition with a portfolio consisting of blogshop pictures and countless Instagram selcas and HOPED for that elusive big break and subsequent bikini competition referral.

In any case, we cringed while watching this ad. But, therein lies its genius.

With Emmy-worthy quotes like “How dooo euuuu stay fraaaaash all ter tiiiime?” and “It’s fresh, succulence and great vaaaalueeeee”, we think this may be the next ad gem. After we puke, of course.

Watch the ad below and judge for yourself — advertising genius or strategy gone wrong?

Photo: YouTube screengrab