Come Aboard the Odyssey

Whimsical and slightly over the top, here’s a celebration of humanity. Heineken has belief that every human being can be or will be legen-waitforit-dary at something.

20 handpicked strangers were picked by the Heineken team and starred as castaways aboard a ship. A certain moustached, shaggy haired protagonist is set to impress everyone aboard the ship-to-nowhere using his antics such as winning a limbo contest, having the perfect dive and more.

PR responds in a tongue-in-cheek fashion to all detractors who doubt the authencity of the film by showing snippets of the audition. Now we wonder if the castaways could be any weirder.

As Sandrine Huijgen, Global Communications Director at Heineken puts it, “When we saw the comments about The Odyssey TVC, we wanted to show that there are no boundaries between real and fake, proving that real men have unique skills, and everyone is legendary at something.

Yes, beer or no beer – Heineken believes everyone can be extraordinary.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture