Welcome to the All-New Popspoken

Good day to you.

Maybe you have known us since we set-up our WordPress.com counterpart in 2011. Maybe you heard about us at one of the events we have covered. Maybe, just maybe, you heard us in mainstream media reports of 1 World Music Festival and Baey Yam Keng. 

Maybe, it’s time we re-introduce ourselves again.

Since Popspoken birthed out of a passion project to connect in-the-know Singaporeans (and readers from everywhere else) to happenings in the world of pop-culture, we have been lucky and humbled to keep at it for two years running — one year, officially (we registered as a partnership in September 2012) — bringing the spiciest in entertainment, lifestyle and issues that matter with the zany, witty and downright honest opinions of our curators, to you.

Because we set out to let readers know that Singapore and its inhabitants are not the dead, apathetic, uninteresting lot others perceive us to be.

Fast-forward to now and there has been so much happening, we can barely keep track. Three fashion weeks (plus the Grey Goose event) have exploded the fashion scene in Singapore, the arrival of countless artistes and the insurgence of the local and indie music scene signal exciting times for music and the numerous wine and dine options have transformed Singapore into one of the most hippest and quirkiest places on Earth.

It is an exciting time culturally. And that is why we want to provide you with a better Popspoken read so you can experience Singapore’s flipside in the best way possible.

We set out to switch up the Popspoken.com site about a year ago and boy, are we pleased to see our dreams transform into reality.

So, voila. Welcome to the all-new Popspoken.com.

A couple of things we have changed to bring you closer to our stories and open up the airwaves for you to get back to us:

  1. On the homepage, the new first row of stories highlights our trending stories: what is fresh and hot at the moment. Missed a story after it came out? The Editor’s Choice carousel clips stories from our archives so getting to a story which continues to remain a perennial favourite with readers and editors is just at a click of the button.
  2. We know you hate clicking through link after link to get to the story you want, so we’ve made it a bit easier to get there. Hover over the navigation bar to see the latest stories across each category. When you reach the end of the page, just click on “Older posts” to look at the next 10 posts. It’s that simple. Searching for something? The search bar will always be with you on the navigation bar so you’ll never get lost.
  3. Keeping up with a bunch of articles related to a big story is a pain in the butt. We know. So, we crafted a nifty thingum at the side of an article so you can keep up-to-date with related articles. Read the F1 concert review for Justin Bieber but want to see the Rihanna review? Just see what’s related at the side of the article. Simple, no?
  4. Want to connect with us? It’s super-easy now. All our social media channels are on the top-right of the homepage, so you can stay connected on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also, you can check out our abbreviated posts for Straits Times Communities or read us on-the-go with SingTel’s Newsloop app. Some of our curators and editors have Twitter accounts, and those are displayed on their bio when you read their article. So, you know, go on and tweet us. We don’t bite but we deffo serve some sassitude.

As we strive to keep up with the Joneses, we may have left you out if you subscribed to emailers via the old site. Do re-subscribe to keep connected with our posts hot off the press — yup, they are emailed directly to you when they are published. Simply type your email on the top-left of our homepage or on the right of an article and, presto! You are in da club.

As always, with a new launch comes kinks here and there. Drop us an email or send us a tweet if you spot any bugs and we’ll get our developer (also, an awesome fella) to look at it.

We hope this new site helps you get to our stories better. Expect fresh content, seamless reads and a few upcoming developments, but some things will never change — like our bitchy side ;-)

Stay savvy.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture