Run Till You Drop and Party While You’re At It

Singaporeans are fitness zealots. True? It’s hard to disagree, with a year packed with competitive and non-competitive runs alike, such as Race The Dead (Zombie Run), Shape Run, Yellow Ribbon Run, Vertical Marathon, X-Trail Run, Colour Run, Standard Chartered Marathon, Nike We Run.. Here’s one run to end the year with a splash: Illumi Run. No it’s not a competition, no you don’t have to lace up and start training, no you don’t get a medal but yes, you will most certainly have bucket loads of fun.

At various junctures of the 5km run, Illumi glow water will be splattered on participants. Pair that with different genres of head-thumping music, neon lights and there you have it — an unforgettable race party you won’t want to miss. Expect a riot of psychedelic colours as the crowd morphs into a throng of pulsating energy, busting moves and setting the F1 village ablaze.

For the health conscious, Illumi water is non-toxic and washable so don’t worry about it being radioactive or affecting your fertility rate. Best of all, everyone is enshrouded in complete darkness, save for the iridescent UV light bouncing off the skins of the runners. This means no one will be around to witness how disheveled or drenched you look 2km into the run, so let loose and rave on!

Each race pack includes an Ilumi Run T-Shirt, an LED Wrist Band and Goggles. Race takes place on 7 December 2013, 8pm at F1 Village. Register online for SGD 68 at


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture