Here is An App That Revolutionizes The Way We Go Out

Everyone has Facebook, and therein lies the problem because your family and colleagues are on it. Would you dare to share your party pictures on them? We didn’t think so – here’s where Goinout comes in handy. The premise of the app is simple:

What happens on Goinout, stays on Goinout.

Unless, of course, you choose to share your activity across your other social networks.
With approximately 40,000 users on the iOS market, your friends are probably already using it. Don’t be left out, it’s never a bad time to get a new app. Start building your entourage on the app, chat with your friends, see where the party people are at, get inspired by random pick-up lines and share happenings of your cray-cray night with your followers.

Looking for the top clubs / bars or best events to throng to on a daily basis? Goinout is made for the masses. It even has a post-party service: users get to rate the parties each night and the app amalgamates the top spots based on the venue ratings.

We saved our favourite part of the app for last: Users get rewarded with free-entry at multiple venues. How sick is that!? Priding itself as the one-stop nightlife app, Goinout is set to revolutionize the Singapore night life scene, starting now – ready, set, go!

Check out the app here.


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture