A Bold Night Out Celebrating Arthur’s Day with Guinness & The Fray

Arthur’s Day hosted by Guinness served up its wow factor in epic proportions, literally. In its second installation, Arthur’s Day was held in a specially constructed pint-shaped concert arena at The Promontory@Marina Bay. Fans who patiently waited in the queue were rewarded with Guinness coupons, wrist bands and a parting gift of a Guinness tote and tee-shirt commemorating Arthur’s Day on 27 September 2013.


In an intimate setting of 1,759 fans, local act Ellipsis (winners of the “Play on the Day” competition and hand picked by The Fray) opened the night of revelry in the air-conditioned tentage before double platinum record artists The Fray came up on stage. The Fray played fan favourites like ‘You Found Me’, ‘Never Say Never’ and ‘How To Save A Life’, sneak peeks from their upcoming fourth album like ‘Hold Ny Hand’ and even threw in a “Singapore, la!” when addressing the crowd. We approve of artistes who’ve done their homework.

Besides The Fray, fans and invited guests were waiting for the moment to serve up a Guinness’ signature toast just because. Isn’t there some strange satisfaction in a concerted moment where everyone raises their cup and grunts out a very manly “TO ARTHUR”??


While The Fray sounded amazingly consistent live, it was a pity that the crowd thinned out towards the end. The sound system made it accessible to listen to The Fray outside the tentage and with sofas and cushy bean bags situated outdoors right next to the food and drink stands, it was no wonder the crowd preferred chilling outside. The Fray were nonetheless gracious performers who thanked its fans:

It has been amazing being part of our first Guinness Arthur’s Day here in Singapore, from leading the toast to Arthur, to the super cool stage with the city in the backdrop, and even having Ellipsis open for us today. Performing here is truly a special experience, with everyone singing not just to our tracks that air on the radio but also the album’s track songs. It’s honestly quite a pleasant surprise the lengths everyone has gone to, to be part of the experience tonight, and we hope we have given everyone as great a night as we have had.

Everyone was all smiles and left on a happy note when the event ended (thanks to the huge amounts of Guinness). Thank you, Arthur! We can’t wait to see what you’ve in store for us in 2014!

For the official event pictures, click here!

(Photo Credits: Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore (APBS))


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