Crazy. Wild. Wacky. Unrestrained. There is simply not enough superlatives to describe the spectacle that the trio from Canada, Australia and United Kingdom put up.

The 3h-laughing fit inducing show in a nutshell is a brilliant, unadulterated, uncensored and witty display of pure comedy. Performing to a sold-out crowd at Klapsons The Boutique Hotel, Bryan O’Gorman, Jacques Barrett and Silky all had their unique style and I loved the entire “no-holds-bar” attitude that was omnipresent. Bryan was definitely a crowd favorite and my personal favorite as well. His charisma and ability to capture the audience right from the get-go is a recipe for success. Jacques’ “I’m just a bloke from Australia” vide immediately connected with the audience and he could only soar from there. Silky’s had quirky sense of humor which didn’t cue laughter from the audience on a couple of occasions but was still kick-ass.

Special mention should be given to a local stand-up comedian, Fakkah Fuzz, who served as the opening act for the night’s entertainment. One-third of the Sons of Singapore, the Malay jokester did not disappoint. Cheekily poking fun at local races and stereotypes, it was clear that he was not afraid to offend. Mocking racial stereotypes with punchlines like “In Singapore, if your house is broken into, it is very easy to tell which race is responsible.”, he struck a cord with local audiences right from the start of his short 10-minute set.

Well, Jonathan Atherton (former 91.3fm DJ) opened up the show and served as the emcee for the night. By how he opened he show, it set the tone for what was to come.

“I serve only as the Australian foreplay for the multiple orgasms that you are going to get tonight”

And this was how he introduced the last act

“The last act of the night Jacques Barrett. He is the last act because…well, here, it because he coming on last. Not because he is special.”

Living up to every inch of what was to come, the three international comedians held no regards for the taboos and laws of Singapore for that 3 hours. With frequent tongue-in-cheek and unabashed humor, they kept the crowd entertained thoroughly. Making jokes from race to homosexuality and things I probably shouldn’t speak of here, it was clear that the trio were experienced and not afraid to offend or make mistakes. A couple of moments a couple of jokes fell flat with the audience as the context was not right and with a flick of the switch, they managed to turn it around.

One of my pet peeves at stand-up comedies is people who take things too seriously. I mean it is a stand-up for a reason. If you can’t take the offending jokes and insults, may I gently ask you to leave the room. Heck, do us a favor and don’t even bother buying a ticket the next time round. (There was this annoying man seated behind me boo-ing incessantly).

Not to be undone by that annoying gentlemen, there wasn’t a short of people who put themselves in the firing line of the comedian sharp jokes and becoming the butt of the jokes. One of the comedians (Silky) even sang an impromptu song with lyrics about a man who attempted to crack a joke about him! All in good fun!


The show runs through 12 May and you can get your tickets at

Comedy Central Asia is now available on SingTel mio TV (Ch 324) and StarHub TV (Ch 516 & 563).