Afrojack was in Singapore for a one-night only performance at Zouk a couple of hours ago and set the DJ decks ablaze. The Dutch DJ who will be turning 26 this year needs no further introduction. Not only is Afrojack listed at #9 on the DJ Mag Top 100 DJ’s of 2012, he has brought you chart-topping hits such as “Take Over Control” (featuring Eva Simons) and “Give Me Everything” (Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo, Afrojack and Nayer). We speak to him about the impact of fame on private lives, his fans and how he would love to collaborate with Lady Gaga in the future.


Popspoken: Who would you want to collaborate with?

Afrojack: I would really like to do a collaboration with Lady Gaga. Even though she was accused of not being able to dance, I really like her futuristic view of pop music. I think that would be a good mix with my music.

Popspoken: How far do you think you’ll go to collaborate with someone?

Afrojack: Of course every artiste has his pride, so you wont go that far. But if you really, really, really want to do something, you have to go that far. For example, if Lady Gaga still says no after I ask her, then I’ll just stand outside her house with a sign: “Lady Gaga, let’s make a song together!” Then she’ll probably do it. If she still won’t do it, I’ll go to all her concerts. You’ll see a big-ass guy with a sign: “Lady Gaga, let’s make a song together!” So after a year she’ll have to. Perserverence gets appreciated.

Popspoken: What is the craziest thing a fan has done for you?

Afrojack: One time, there was a girl standing outside the window of a little spot I was performing called the MLB (Major League Baseball) fan game in new York. She was holding a big sign saying, “Afrojack please f*** me” and I was like wow – it’s kind of weird, but it’s pretty funny. That’s pretty much the craziest thing, it doesn’t get that crazy.

Oh, in Holland, I live right outside a school and one time, some 200 kids saw my car at home and they started chanting, “Afrojack, Afrojack!”

Popspoken: Would you date a fan / make friends with a fan, or are there certain boundaries you won’t cross?

Afrojack: Not necessarily. There are some differences between someone being a fan of my music and being a fan of me. That being said, you never know. There are some fans I met online through twitter. I have an official twitter fan account which is handled by my biggest fan. He went to all my shows in America – in 6 weeks, he went to 10 shows. I put him on the guest-list everywhere and I talk to him now and even outside the club setting. So it’s possible for a fan an artiste to become close friends.

Popspoken: Tell us about the future direction of your music.

Afrojack: I see my music going in between the roads of clubs and festivals – staying at exactly the middle. Right now I’m really focused on getting ‘dance music’ to radio even more. Not just the regular pop-dance music but more of a full-on type of dance music. You have pop dance, and dance pop. So there’s dance music with a  little bit of influence of pop music. That’s what I did with my new single with Chris Brown actually.

Popspoken: Which are the most memorable festivals you’ve played at?

Afrojack: Ultra Music Festival in Miami in 2011 or 2012. Loved the crowd, the whole setting. Electric Daisy Carnival too, that’s always really nice.

Popspoken: Has fame and fortune changed you?

Afrojack: Nothing changed that much. I get to do nice things, meet famous people and get to ask really famous singers out on dates. I get some nice extras, but life doesn’t really change that much.

Popspoken: Are you thinking of settling down?

Afrojack: Not for a long time. I’m thinking of partying – partying for a long time.

Popspoken: What got you into music in the first place?

Afrojack: It’s a secret way of communication. A really easy way of communication. You don’t need to use words, you don’t have to feel insecure about saying the right thing; you just let the music speak.

Popspoken: If there’s one person you could resurrect from the dead, who would it be?

Afrojack: It’s a hard choice between the lead singer of Queen (Freddie Mecury) and Michael Jackson, they made the greatest songs ever. It’s really hard to be an artiste, because they lost their private lives to the press.

Popspoken: Do you think the press ruined their lives?

Afrojack: It’s not just the press that ruins your life, it’s a choice you make. You sacrifice your private life and your normal life to become an artist. It’s a choice I make that’s why I am here doing this interview with you, but it’s a pretty heavy choice. I have happy fans, so everything is right as an artiste. I also like to speak with people. I could also not do this interview or ten more other interviews and just make a lot of music, but I would probably talk to a lot less people and I want my music to reach out as far as possible. I want to have as much people around the world understand what I want to say because to me that’s the important thing.

It’s a choice, but it’s more of a privilege. I still get to sit in the studio with big singers, artistes and rappers. I get to do really awesome things. I get to fly a private jet, I get to buy my mum a house – I have a good life.


Check out Afrojack’s official website here.