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Abangsapau On Crocs and Keeping It Real

For a rapper who has been on the up and up in the Singaporean scene, Abangsapau celebrated his most recent birthday simply – with chicken rice and a brand-new white pair of Crocs.

“Crocs are so comfortable, I don’t know why I didn’t get them earlier,” the 22-year-old said.

The rapper, who names J. Cole, Mac Miller and Kendrick Lamar as influences, also said self-acceptance comes easier as he grows older, “beyond the voting age” threshold.

“Turning 22 actually made me feel less pressure compared to when I was younger, because I started to realise why I was always putting so much pressure on myself to have it all figured out. I think a lot of that has to do with social media, where we see the lives of others. We compare ourselves to them, to have it all figured out at 22 years old, 24 years old – but some people are 30 and they are also still trying to find themselves, you know, but it doesn’t mean they’re any less successful than anybody else. So I think I’ve just appreciated life by the day now, and as much as I am taking it slow, I’m also making the most out of each day.”

As the pandemic shuttered numerous events and shows, Abangsapau has had more time for himself to get into his “creative space”. Aside from hahaha, which was produced by longtime collaborator ProdbyDan, he also has an album revolving around “family, mental health and the world” that is waiting for the right, “congruent” time to launch. Abangsapau said he has always played it by ear throughout his career.

“Now my immediate focus is just putting out a lot more music and making things that connect with others as much as they connect to me.”

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