Tarot Card Reading In Singapore: Is It For Everyone?

Writer Adora Wong visited Kelly Tan, a spiritual healer, in 2018 and the revelations of the tarot reading helped her ‘figure her life out’.

With blogs and articles like hers popping up all over Singapore’s media outlets, there is definitely something in the water for tarot readings.


Time Out even covered the best places to receive a reading earlier this year, proving the scene is emerging into the mainstream. Given how it’s recently been harder to think of Singapore in a fresh and exciting way, could tarot readings be the secret to realizing Singapore’s cultural identity?

The best thing about this new trend in Singapore is the level to which this is an expert and personal service. We’re dealing with bona fide readers who often do house visits.

And let’s not forget the power of word of mouth: they mainly have rave reviews, hence the many blogs about people’s experiences with them.

Is tarot reading for everyone?

A tarot card reading can help those who are facing struggle, trying to figure out their lives, like Adora, or those simply curious to learn about their present self or what their future could hold.

You can begin a reading by specifying the kind of reading you’d like. For example, you could choose to have a deep reading about your future life, or something a little more surface level, focusing on your plans of the next few months and how best to approach them. You could ask the reader to be positive with the deck, or somewhat brutal.

You can ask specifically what you want to know and they will use the cards and their insight to find the answer. The cards are dealt in spreads. The spreads and combinations of cards impact the meaning for you as well as the cards themselves.

For example, a card will mean something, but its meaning will adjust depending on its position in the spread and how the reader interprets it in relation to you. Different decks bring about different results, having their own character – a “personality of their own“, some sassier than others. They consequently bring about unique results.

First, dip your toes

The negative side of visiting one of Singapore’s tarot card readers is that it is expensive. Especially as it remains somewhat underground and limited in choice. It is worth the money, but for newbies and people who are curious but not quite convinced, it can be intimidating to dive straight into this new experience with a high price tag.

Luckily, an approachable way to receive the service and trial it is to go online first and there are websites where you can receive tarot readings for a more affordable rate, also providing information on what this detailed and insightful reading can entail.

Singapore’s tarot reading scene remains niche and somewhat underground, but that’s what gives it character.

With so many more positive words on tarot appearing online, it’s certainly become a trend to watch. 


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture


Explore latest trends in contemporary culture