Meet Rory Kramer, The “Dare To Live” Star And Epitome Of YOLO

Ever wondered how an ordinary guy can quit his day job, follow his passion and even get his own MTV show?

Rory Kramer, the world renowned videographer, shows you how it’s like to live the life you have always wanted by following your dreams.

In the new MTV music infused docuseries, he takes today’s top artists out an outrageous, thrill-seeking adventure, tailored to get each artist out of their comfort zone.

After struggling with depression and overcoming adversity, Rory altered his life course to pursue his passions – choosing to celebrate life and establish an authentic career at the intersection of video production, thrill-seeking and music.

Rory is best described as a “professional life liver” who dedicates his time to capturing life’s precious moments. “Dare To Live” encapsulates this spirit of adventure, as Rory takes his artist friends to the farthest reaches of their comfort zones and across the globe.

We are not surprised if you have completely smashed the replay button for these hugely popular music videos (check out a list of them here), which are a testament to Kramer’s genius video making skills.

The Chainsmoker’s Closer, Avicii’s The Night and even Justin Bieber’s Company have amassed more than a million views each on YouTube, but the Dare To Live star remains humble and takes pride in building real relationship with his artist friends.

Find out how he represents the epitome of YOLO and the advice he has for all you millennials out there:

POPSPOKEN: How did you go from an office job to creating videos for the biggest stars in today’s music scene?

Rory Kramer: A lot of it was putting in time, dedication, and a lot of luck. Another part of it was being ready for when that opportunity came and to be able to recognize it and take advantage of it.


POPSPOKEN: What’s advice would you have for today’s millennials who may be confused about what they want to do with their life?

Rory Kramer: To me, it’s fun because you get to explore yourself and your mind. You learn about yourself and about what you do & don’t like.  They have the decision to do what they want with life, even if they don’t know what they don’t like yet. I still at times am wanting to grow as a person and as an artist.  Sometimes, I don’t know where I’ll be in five years, so it’s about embracing the growth and uncertainty.


POPSPOKEN:  What’s the best and worst part of being a ‘professional life liver’ as you’re most known for?

Rory Kramer: Getting to travel the world with people I call my friends and to consider it a job.  The worst thing is not getting to see family as much.

POPSPOKEN: Among all the artists, who’s the most memorable to work with and why?

Rory Kramer: They’re all so unique and different. They all have something that the others didn’t. If I had to pick, I’d choose Drew from The Chainsmokers. I live with him so I see him pretty much every day and we have a good connection and understanding of each other and our work.

POPSPOKEN:  We hear that McDonald’s is a huge part of your life – why is this so?

Rory Kramer: Growing up, my dad worked at a McDonald’s and that was my life. My sisters, my two brothers, and I worked there throughout high school. I’d always go there for lunch growing up so it reminds me of my family and home. No matter where I am in the world, when I walk into a McDonald’s it brings back that feeling of nostalgia and family.

POPSPOKEN:  What’s the first thing you’d do if you were to visit Singapore?

Rory Kramer: I’ve been once and it was amazing. I couldn’t believe how clean the city was. The architecture was amazing! The shopping was really cool. I would probably go to that one hotel with the crazy pool on the roof that looks like a cruise ship.

POPSPOKEN: How did you get the nickname ‘Soakie’ and why is Drew (from The Chainsmokers) ‘Croakie’?

Rory Kramer: Croakie came from one night that we came back from Vegas and I had lost my voice from staying there for two days. Drew’s dog got sick when we got back and we had to go to the vet and I just kept talking in the waiting room and I was still losing my voice. So, they kept saying I sounded so “Croakie,” which I thought was the funniest thing ever. So I kept yelling CROAKIE in the waiting room just to make Drew laugh. But somehow, we started calling Drew “Croakie” over time.

How I got the name Soakie…oh man! Let’s just say I got the name from something that I prefer if my mom didn’t read!

POPSPOKEN:  Having gone on so many adventures around the world, what’s still left on your bucket list?

Rory Kramer: I want to get certified to skydive and I’d like to go to Egypt. I’d also like to write a book:  It would be a lot about the questions I ask myself. I have a great life and I’ve found a lot of success but I still ask myself those questions of, What’s the point? Asking those bigger questions and having open conversations with people I call friends. For example, Drew and I still have deep conversations about our lives and where we think we’re going and what we want to achieve. I’d love to have it be a book with open thought, where, as the readers, it gets people thinking about their own lives.

POPSPOKEN: How would you like to be remembered?

Rory Kramer: To quote myself from one episode: “When I die I want to be remembered for the life I lived and not the money I made.”

MTV Dare To Live premiered on Monday, 29 January 2018 and airs every Monday at 7pm (WIB), 8pm (SG/PH) and 9pm (MY).


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