Three Reasons Why Illumi Run 2016 Fell Short of Expectations

Last weekend, Illumi Run 2016 was held for the third year in a row. Unfortunately, it left us mostly disappointed. Here’s why:

1. The route was not properly planned out


The Illumi run is a 5KM run that kicks off from Palawan beach and takes you all over the beaches in Sentosa to land you right back where you started.

Unfortunately, the routes were badly planned. We found ourselves trekking through pitch black stretches, extremely uneven ground and through back alleys for most of the run.

We also expected more illumination from Illumi Run – with only the light of sparsely placed glow sticks to guide us, it was not easy to manoeuvre.

 2. Most of the run was unexciting


The Illumi Run promised us the ‘ultimate party on the run’. We had the impression that we would get sprayed with glow water throughout the run but in reality, we were only sprayed at the five different stations. What we got instead was long stretches of absolutely nothing, and then five seconds of getting sprayed at with glow water, before heading back to nothingness.

The music that was absolutely pumping at the start and finish lines did not continue through the route, which made it a rather dull experience, as a large part of the run was accompanied with the sounds of nature.

3. Reptitive stations with little user interaction


We were represented that the five different stations were going to be different, with something fun to do at each stop.

However, what we got was five mini caves adorned with simple decorations. Even our pictures were uninteresting, since the caves all had a similar backdrop.

While we did enjoy getting drenched in glowing water and the dance party at the end, Illumi Run could have done so much better.


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Explore latest trends in contemporary culture