'Dream Again' with Singapore's Only Female Race Driver, Claire Jedrek

By now, the F1 Grand Prix tracks around Suntec City are cleared of sandbags, the sounds of the racing cars have passed our eyes, and a fully functioning bus system is here to serve Singapore’s roads again.

The racing season came and went in a flash, almost like Hamilton’s Mercedes, and today we celebrate the dreams that came true for Singapore’s F1 Grand Prix power girl, Claire Jedrek, who made a mid-life gear shift at 31 years old from hosting motorsports events to burning up rubber on the race track.

Claire Jedrek Popspoken F1 Grand Prix

Popspoken: What inspired you to take the first step towards racing?

Claire: I had moved back to Singapore and I needed a reboot to my life. It was a huge change, but an opportunity at the same time to do something for myself and change my destiny. My friend at the time (now husband, Yuey Tan) introduced me to the sport, and little did I know that I would be in my 3rd season this year!

Popspoken: What are some of the memorable obstacles?

Claire: Learning the science of driving has been a huge obstacle, and it drives me to be as systematic and as positive as I can be. It’s a fast-moving, adrenaline-filled sport that requires 100% of one’s thought process at all times. Although I am constantly challenged to remain focused on the road ahead of me, I relish it.

Claire Jedrek Popspoken F1 Grand Prix

Popspoken: The best thing that happened during this year’s race?

Claire: This year, I have cracked my personal best timings twice in one weekend at a race! I also feel I’ve grown closer and bonded with my team, something I have never felt before while racing. What spurs us on is working towards the same goal.

Popspoken: What are some life hacks that you’ll recommend for women who want to juggle as many hats as you do?

Claire: Time management is always a big issue but taking time out for yourself is a must, be it 15 minutes or an entire day. Make time and everything else will fall in place. We need proper sleep to function, which is something that I am still learning, but I’ve realised it keeps stress at bay and I very rarely get sick.

Credit: SK-II
Credit: SK-II

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All photo credits to Claire Louise Jedrek.
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