Glee’s Finn Hudson. 191 centimetres of sweet and tasty. Lover of Lea Michele. Loved by millions. Gone.

Found dead in a Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel room, the sudden loss of Cory Monteith came as a huge shock. I couldn’t believe it went the news broke. It was denial, but I really thought it was some sort of publicity stunt or a cruel cruel joke. Well, it wasn’t. The 31-year-old has given us so much through his role in Glee, helping lost and broken underdogs find hope in life. And now, we’re celebrating his life. So let’s all enjoy these clips that represent our favourite memories of him.

I can just feel his energy through the screen. So hilarious, so down-to-earth. And nothing’s better than getting to see his crib.

Behind-the-scenes of Glee through the eyes of Cory Monteith! It should’ve been longer than 3 minutes 18 seconds. Seriously.

Goodness me, he is FUNNY. This has got to be my favourite. Plus there’s Ellen DeGeneres. What more can I ask for?

Though his time on TV hasn’t been long enough for us to get to know him better, he has made a pretty good name for himself. And it grieves us to know he’s no longer on Earth. I just can’t imagine the pain his friends and family are undergoing. But I guess we could take it this way: Cory isn’t dead. He’s just taking a really long nap filled with all kinds of beautiful dreams that last forever.

Thank you, Cory Monteith, for entertaining us. You will be missed dearly. Rest in peace.